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13 Proven Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

13 Killer Tips to help you Get More Blog TrafficWe spend a lot of time blogging. Once you have hit “Publish” the real work begins!! We have 13 top tactics to help you get the traffic you deserve.


1. Increase Blog Traffic with the Perfect Headline

We spoke about this recently, check out the link here.

Having the best headline possible is one of the most important elements to gaining traffic.

Remember “List” of “How to” work best. You should also look to combine a mix of common, uncommon and emotional words.


2. Record a Periscope and Add the Video to YouTube

Twitter’s live streaming platform Periscope is gaining popularity and easy to use. Spend a few minutes talking about your blog post, then save the video using software such as Katch and add it to your YouTube Channel.

3. Increase Blog Traffic using LinkedIn Groups

Search for the 20 Most Active Groups within your niche and apply to join them.

Contribute to the conversations and pick the right moment to share your article.


4. Google+ Communities

Despite popular belief, some people do actually use Google+. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.


5. Facebook Groups

The right facebook group can certainly drive traffic to your blog. Make sure to check the rules of the group first, some groups don’t allow you to share links!


6. Comment on High Traffic Blogs

This approach can yield back links and drive hits. Make sure your comment and link are in context.


7. Guest Post to Increase Blog Traffic

A guest post on a popular blog can get you thousands of hits to your website. It is important to provide links to your best content within the article.

A dedicated freebie also is a great idea because it gives you the opportunity to capture your new visitors email address.


8. Use Forums that Answer Questions to Boost Blog Traffic

Quora is the best example of a site that answers questions. If your blog is the top rated answer you can expect thousands of hits.


9. Tweet Personalities within Your Niche

Reach out to prominent members within your niche, you will be surprised how many will share it if the content is good enough!

Don’t send too many tweets to the same people and don’t be too disappointed if they don’t respond as they evidently get a lot of tweets on a daily basis.


10. Make Your Audience Pay with a Tweet

Recently we published an article about “locking” some of your content with Twitter. You can ask someone to “Pay with a Tweet” to get access to either the whole post of part of it.

This gets you more hits via the social shares that it drives.

Find out how to do it here!


11. Boost a Post on facebook

You can pay $15-20 to get thousands of page impressions. If your post is good enough you could go viral with this approach and get thousands of hits.


12. Create an Infographic and Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting platform that is generating a lot of buzz over the last few years.

Create a great infographic and it can get traffic day after day and get pinned on thousands of boards.


13. Share to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great website that can push hundreds of hits to your blog post. You simply submit your post and if its good enough it gains popularity as it is voted up.

There is also a paid version of StumbleUpon which is quite cheap too.


So there you have it, 13 ways to get more traffic to your blog revealed!

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