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3 of the Best Bloggers on the Planet Today

As my colleague and business partner Phil McGrath often says on our podcast. We don’t care if you learn from us,┬ájust make sure you learn from someone! With that in mind we have compiled a list of three of the best online business owners in the world.


Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuck and Tim Ferriss are all exceptional and you can learn an awful lot from them!


We recommend picking a couple of blogs, following them and becoming masterful with the lessons they teach. There so many great bloggers out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed! Here are three that come highly recommended!


Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income


Building an online business is a difficult challenge, making it passive is even more challenging. Pat Flynn from has championed this since he started.


His story is truly inspiring and many can identify with it. He went to University and with his education did what he was expected to do. He got a great job as an Architect but fortunately for him, he was let go during the economic crash of 2008.


As one of the most transparent, honest and likable online business owners online, he has built a brand and a business based on helping others.


This mentality along with the ability to create great content that helps his followers has seen him grow his online business massively over the last few years.


He has branched out and became a best-selling author, podcaster and speaker. In October 2008 he published his first Monthly Income Report where he made $7000, in March 2016 he made $150,000!


Pat Flynn is an excellent blogger and online business owner you should follow.


Gary Vaynerchuck, #AskGaryVee


Gary Vaynerchuk is fast becoming a living legend of the business world. The enigmatic New York native turned his $3 million a year wine business into a $60 million a year wholesale wine business utilizing an online video blog.


He has constantly been named on Fortunes 40 under 40 list and is an angel invester in facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Uber.


Everything from his no bullshit attitude to his blog and daily business show #AskGaryVee is excellent. He explains business in direct terms and really makes people in business think, his content should be consumed by every online business person.


He is also a best selling author, speaker and has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show too!


Tim Ferriss, 4 Hour Work Week


Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur who understands the internet and online business more than anyone! He built a massive online following, appeared on as many podcast shows as possible and became a best-selling New York times author with the incredible “4 Hour Work Week”.


He followed up the book with the “4 Hour Body” with the same process and shared all his methods on his site.


Another very successful angel investor, Tim Ferriss turned his attention to podcasting in 2013 and has the most successful podcast on the internet!


All of his content is engaging and if for some reason you have never followed his content, now is the time to start.

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