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3 Powerful Steps for Improved Blogging “UFC Style”

McGregor-UFC-200Having a UFC mind-set and giving your audience what they want will improve your blog.

Ask your followers what they want.

Store the information and use it to create 50 potential blog posts.

Last night I was in bed but unable to sleep. Living in Dublin city centre can be a little noisy at times as people head home from the pub.


So I was participating in some facebook groups such as Podcasters Paradise and the Freedom Hackers Mastermind answering questions.


My facebook feed refreshes and all of a sudden I see McGregor V Diaz 2 is officially announced!


So you might be thinking, “What does some UFC fight have to do with #BetterBlogging!?”

The UFC Mentality with Make Your Blog Better


Well the UFC is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet right now, it is the pinacle of Mixed Martial Arts competition. However, It does not stick to the usual strict formula of other sports.


It has a loose ranking system and they put fights on that people want to see. They give their fans what they want, without letting rigid ranking systems get in the way.


The UFC does receive some criticism over this, however the popularity of their events globally justifies it.


The secret ingredient of the UFC is to give people what they want. Fight fans want to see the best fight. Fighters have a limited shop window where they can make serious amounts of cash too.


UFC President Dana White recognises this and makes matchups happen that the fans want to see, which sell the most pay per views which provides the fighters with the biggest pay days.


The first step to #BetterBlogging is simple, don’t guess – Actually find out what your audience wants


The UFC are often critisied for their decisios as they are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers giving fans what they want. Don’t be afraid of the criticism that you might receive as provoking a reaction for the right reason is much better than going unnoticed.


[spp-tweet tweet=”“How can I create something that critics will criticize?” Seth Godin”]


So How can the UFC mentality help your blog?


Well its simple, give your audience what they want. If you don’t have an audience yet (like the UFC didn’t twenty years ago), create great content and promote it to people with likeminded interests.


The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is in its infancy, it is crossing over to mainstream because it created a great product and it promoted itself to boxing and WWE fans. Martial Arts fans were naturally drawn in too.


When looking at blogging, you might think that everything and its mother already has a blog. I can guarantee that if you are passionate about something there is space for you.


How to Discover What Your Audience Wants!


So just give the people what they want, it seems a very simple tips when it comes to improving your blog.


Let me ask you this, do you know what your audience (or prospective audience) actually wants?


You can guess and produce content that you think they will like, but this can be very hit and miss.


It is easy to venture down a rabbit hole and produce content that takes a lot of time and produces few results.


The first step is simple, ask your audience what they want.


Myself and @PhilMcGrath2 have a “30 Day Blog a Day ” challenge for the month of April 2016.


I am covering the topic of “Blogging” and Phil is covering “Social Media”. The winner will be the person who get the most hits collectively to their blogs over the month.


Blogging is a wide topic and it has been discussed on the internet since the dawn of time (around 1998!).


I have been an active blogger since 2007 and made a tidy profit doing it. However, although that helps it does not answer my original question.


Step 1: Get Social, Ask Your Followers


What does the audience of Content Academy want?


So to answer this question I have been actively speaking to members of our community and others.


Pick 3 Social Media Platforms and Engage in Conversations


We have used facebook, twitter and Anchor to interact and find out that people want to know about “Blogging in 2016”.


HINT: If you do not have followers, start talking to the audience of people you want to aim your blog at, e.g. other audiences within your niche.

The Key Questions to Ask


The advantage to this is that you will see common requests in what people are asking for. I do this on an annual basis for our fantasy football business. I email a sample of our email subscribers and ask them two questions:

What Content do you want to see?

What are you struggling with?


One question that was asked more than I expected was “you can’t still make money blogging though can you?”. The short answer to this is “Yes you can”!


Creating a blog is about creating a following and monetising it. Think of it as a form of free advertising.


Google crawls the worlds blogs on a daily basis and indexes the best content (What People want). Said “People” then Demand content through their search engine (Needs + Wants = Demand).


You create write your blog post, which is effectively an advertisement for you and your site that gives people value(What they want to see). You then either look to capture their contact details (email address) or turn them into a customer.


For the upcoming UFC bout , Conor McGregor stands to make around $1.5 million, blogging does not compete with that.


The brightside is that blogging can make your very rich. Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income recently released his latest book  “Will It Fly” and stated that over his first seven years blogging he has earned $3.5 million.


Let me say this, Pat Flynn is an excellent entrepreneur who serves his audience exceptionally well. He provides his blog posts for free and earns his income through great affiliate products that he uses and creating products.


Other online business owners might make twenty to thirty thousand dollars per year and have the ultimate lifestyle business.


There are no such things as overnight success stories when it comes to blogging.


A  well laid out plan and consistency can help you achieve your goals over a reasonably short period of time. The first step to building that required following, is Great Blogging!


Step 2: Save All Answers to a Notebook (We use OneNote)


You should start to capture all the responses you can in a safe place you can access in the future. Our Process is to capture this in a OneNote, which means that it can be accessed anywhere from any device.


You will be surprised at how inspirational having all the conversations in one place can be.


Step 3: Create 50 Blog Post Ideas to Write


Review the answers that you are sent and build 50 blog post ideas from them. This will be the basis of the content that will really help you improve your blog. You will be solving problems and giving your audience what they actually want.


Hint: We tend to find that people ask for more simple blog topics than expected, don’t assume your audience know the simple stuff because often they don’t!

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