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3 simple strategies to gain Social Media followers

One of the biggest questions we get asked when it comes to social media is how do I grow my following? 

While there is no definitive answer or exactly formula that will guarantee that you will grow your social media following,there are strategies to gain social media followers that you can implement. These strategies will give you the best chance of succeeding at growing your following.


In this latest blog post I am going to tell you about three strategies that we have personally used to build our social media following across a number of various platforms in multiple niches. So these are not pie on the sky, highly unrealistic strategies, these three strategies that have been used by us to great effect. While they may seem rather simple and obvious, it would appear that what is “obvious” to one person, is most certainly not to another.


3 strategies to gain social media followers


Post regularly


Perhaps one of the most surefire ways of growing your social media following is insuring that you constantly keep your social media profiles  up-to-date with relevant content and news about your business, blog or content itself.


Quite often we have seen that those looking for advice about building a social media following fail to abide by this most simplest of rules. When we look at the amount of content they produce on their social media platforms, it is very sparse and certainly not done with any great scheduling in mind. If fact quite often we can see gaps of days that go by without a single post on any platform.


So the question we have to ask is, how do you expect to grow and sustain a social media following when you’re not prepared to keep them updated daily?


So be sure to post daily and keep your followers up to date with what ever you are doing and engage with them as often as you can. If you are looking for ways to do this you can check out a recent article that we wrote showing you how you can send out 10 tweets a day with minimum fuss.


Social giveaways


Much like the concept of running a competition, you can give away unique content which can only be found on your social media streams.This is something we have used in the past to great effect in our other businesses. What we have done this created a piece of content that we only want people to be able to find via our social media channels.

This doesn’t have to be major piece of content, it can simply be an infographics or at video or just an audio file, but you only want people who visit your social media profiles to be able to get their hands on it..


Then what you can do is create a blog post telling people about this free offer that you have. Explain that there is  a free piece of content that you want to give away and explain how they can get it by heading over to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram page.


This way you will prompt your audience that are interested in getting the free piece of content to head over to the directed social media platform. By giving them a reason to check out your profile, you are highlighting to them that not only are you on that platform, but you are active on it. This will give them a push to hit that follow button. 


So if we consider Facebook for example, it would be very easy to create a one off piece of content that you only want people who go through your Facebook page to get. An easy way to do this is to create that content on your website, but do not make it discoverable. That way it can only be accessed once you know the direct URL.


Then all you have to do is create a Facebook post about the free piece of content and include the link to check it out. Then to ensure that everyone who comes to your Facebook page will see it all you have to do is simply pin that post to the top of your page.


This can work particularly well when promoting content via the likes of periscope, Meercat or even YouTube. During the course of your stream you can direct people to your Facebook page to get the free piece of content.


While there is no guarantee that they will like your page, you are most certainly giving them every chance to get something valuable from you and the hope is that they will also click “Like” while they are over on your page.


Make your social an event


Another great way of gaining social media subscribers, is by making it and event. Again this is something we have used to great effect and managed to grow our Twitter following by over 10,000 followers for our fantasy football business.


What we did was create an event that we called #LiveTime. The premise was that we would be live on Twitter for one hour at the same time every week answering people’s questions.


So every Saturday morning from 10:30am to 11:30 prior to the gameweek deadline we would be live answering people’s questions in real time. This became a great way not only for us to interact with our existing followers, but because we made it a weekly event we were constantly able to promote it across all of our platforms.


The fact that we were consistently delivering valuable insights to our followers every week had a massive influence on not only the amount of followers that we gained, but also on our authority with in the niche.

We were able to demonstrate that we were the people you needed to ask if you had a question and not only that but we would come back to you straight away with an answer.


One of the reasons this worked so well is that, as we know people within the same social groups tend to have similar interests. So when somebody sent us a tweet asking a question their friends and followers could see them asking us a question on this topic, thus speaking their interest. All this strategy really required is one hour a week and knowledge of our niche.


So why not try and create a weekly event were your followers know they can contact you and get an immediate response with queries around topics within your niche?


Also, just because we use this for Twitter does not mean that it would not work just as well with Facebook and certainly Periscope or Meerkat would be great places to do a weekly Q&A.But unfortunately for us neither of the latter two had been developed at that stage! 


So there you have it three surefire way is to grow your Social media following.


Let us know what is really working for you at the moment? What strategy are you using to grow your social media following?

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