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3 Simple tasks to do AFTER you have hit publish

As someone who has spent years building and crafting content for various online platforms, I have learnt that the work only truly beings once you have published an article.


While this might sound a little off, it is, in fact, the scariest truth about building an online business.


For those of you who have taken the time to listen to the content academy podcast, you will know that we truly believe that the hard work only begins once you have published your latest piece of content, yet time and time again we have heard from clients that they consider their work to be done once they hit publish, yet they wonder why no one is consuming their content?


Here are the harsh realities, this is not the “Field of Dreams” if you build it the chances are they will not come, well not on of their own accord anyway.


You are but one in a million of other publications that your perspective audience could potential get their content from.


The cream does not automatically rise to the top by its self, there are outside factors that cause this to happen, so just because you have the best content in your chosen niche, does not mean that it will be seen as the best by your audience or perspective customers.


So now that we have that out of the way here are three things that you can do once you have published your latest piece of content that can help it gain tractions and more eyes.



Make your Social Pop!


Everyone knows, or at least at this point they should know, that you have to share your content on the various social media platforms, this is a given. However time and time again we have seen bloggers and business owners simply put out a tweet or Facebook update with the headline of the article and a direct link to the article and then sit back and say “that’s that!”.


This is so wrong that it is not even funny!


Do you honestly expect that one Tweet or Facebook update is going to send traffic flooding to your site? Unless you are a big name player with hundred’s of thousands of followers that isn’t going to happen and I can tell you now, that those people, with those types of numbers, most certainly do not only share their content once!


So here is what we recommend and for those who have been following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will have probably seen what I am about to share in practice.


Once you have your content created, in this instance we will assume it is a blog article, go through it and take out anything up to five quotes from the article. Of course, this may not be possible to get five, depending on the article, but you should have at least three.


Now that you have these three to five quotes, you have the beginning of you next updates for you social platforms. Then what you can do is head on over to the likes of a Canva or picmonkey and you can put those quotes in an image and do this for all three-five quotes.


So now you have a quote and accompanying image to share on social media, the beauty of it is that you have three to five updates on the same article you can now use.


This way you can be happy in sharing your article a number of times even on the same day, with different quotes and images without feeling that you are bombarding your followers with the same message.


The final piece of the puzzle here is to then go to you social media automation tools, like Buffer or Crowdbooster and schedule these to go out at various times over the next few days, weeks, months etc and you will not have to worry about it.

Here is an example of one we have done for our Instagram page, for our interview with Kimra Luna from Be True Brand You


A quote from Kimra alone with her image


As you can see we have the quote encapsulated within the image and we have also branded it with our logo so that even if it does get shared by anyone else we will still be credited with it. If you are looking for more examples of how we have done this, then head on over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and take a look.


It may seem like a lot of work for one article, but it is once off work that will continue to work for you long after you have forgotten about it and that is gold!


Repurpose you content


This is one that I cannot promote enough, the importance of repurposing your content can not be overstated. One of the things that have popped up time and time again through speaking to thought leaders and business experts is how they promote their content and more importantly how they repurposed content.

I think it is fair to say that every guest we have had on the show so far has told us that repurposing content is a must.


“When you repurpose you give everyone a chance to enjoy your content”

 Jeff Beale episode 8 of The Content Academy Podcast –


As you can see from the quote above when you do not repurpose your content you are possibly denying some of your audience members a chance to enjoy what you have created.

So while this may seem like just another task to add to the to-do list, it is of vital importance to ensure that as many people as possible see the great work that you are doing.

So if we continue with our example of a blog article, there are a number of ways in which you can repurpose this to suit different mediums.


  1. Audio – You can narrate your blog article and turn it into a standalone audio file for your audience to enjoy on the move. Eg. A podcast episode.


  1. Video – You can create a video and publish it on YouTube, this can be done very simply by either Recording yourself doing a piece to camera or if you do not wish to put yourself in front of the camera you can create slides to go along with the article and simply do a screen capture video of the slides as you talk your way through them and the article.


  1. Periscope – Using periscope you can get on and talk about the blog article and the main points that you want to get across from it. The beauty of this is twofold, 1) you get the chance to answer questions on the topic, which will allow you to not only see the topic from your audience perspective, ie. What they are struggling with, but it will also give you ideas to expand the article into a two or three part series based on those questions and the feedback. 2) you can always take this periscope recording and upload it to YouTube thus negating the need for step two above!


  1. Graphics -You can create an infographic to accompany the blog post. Again this can be done using the likes of Canva or Piktochart and can be shared across the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.


  1. PDF/Report -Turn you blog article into a PDF download, this can be done using the likes of BlogBooker or Anthologize. Again if your blog post is a “how to” or talks readers through a workflow they may wish to download it and perhaps print it off to keep nearby.



Don’t forget your list!


“The money is in the list” so we are told, but that is not 100% accurate. The “Money” is in a responsive list and for that list to be responsive you have to provide value.


So while this may not be the way forward for every piece of content that you create, it should be utilised for the ones that have gained some traction. So perhaps watch you articles for a day or two and see which ones are resonating with your audience and share that one with your list.


Not only will you be providing value, as you know your audience have enjoyed this article, but it will also get your list to become more responsive, to not only opening your email’s but by clicking on the links within. In essence you have to almost train your list to open the emails and click the links, but when it comes to giving them an offer or promoting a paid service or piece of software, they are more likely to not only open the email but click on the link to at least have a look at the offer.


These are only three things that we suggest you do after publishing an article on your site, as I am sure you are aware there are much more, but in an effort to avoid overwhelm start off with these three and see how you get on.


Remember it is better to three well, that to do ten poorly.

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