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Email Marketing

“Email is the most popular function on the SmartPhone, so let's call it what it is:

A SmartMailer.

- Jordie van Rijn  

Email marketing can make a huge difference to how successful a blog can become, we learnt this many yeats ago.

Yet 90% of bloggers either haven't started building a "list" or if they have they've no clear plan for it.


In this section:


  • Tools to help you set up your email marketing 


  • How to set up your ConvertKit Account


  • Which Email Template to use


  • How to embed a form on your blog

How to start building an email list


Email Marketing for Bloggers can sometimes sound like a dirty word, but if you have ever thought about building a list of loyal followers and growing your blog is it absolutely necessary.



When it comes to email marketing for bloggers the options available when it comes to software can be overwhelming. We've used Aweber, Mailchimp and ConvertKit and the latter of the three is our weapon of choice, despite having built a list of over 13,000 using Aweber, if you want to know why you can check that article out here.


We're going to show you email marketing for bloggers can be made simple using ConvertKit, but if you choose to use another provider, the principals will still be the same, just some of the steps may differ slightly in terms of ease and set up.


Email Marketing For Bloggers

If you're only starting out, option 1 is the one for you


Once we click "Get Started" we'll be prompted to enter our email address and choose a password. From there we enter in our payment details and boom, we're up and running.


When we log in we'll be met with our stats page, obviously, yours will be blank, so don't worry about that for the moment.



Set Up


convert kit account setting


Once we are in, head over to "Account" and down the left-hand side you'll see some tabs (see below), all we want to do here is go through each one and make sure that the relevant fields are filled in.

Email Marketing For Bloggers

The Email tab is the one we need to focus on.



There is nothing major here, except for under the "Email" tab, we have to make sure that we've filled out the following;


  • From Name; This is the name that will show up on your email, we send ours as "Content Academy" as you can see, but you can send them as "your name" or "your blog name" or even "your name from your blog name" it's up to you.


  • Reply-to Email Address; This is the email address you would like to receive an email to should your subscribers decided to reply to your mail. So if they simply hit "reply" this is the email you'll get emails to.


  • Default Time to Send Emails: This is fairly self-explanatory and while it's not something we need to worry about today I would recommend setting this to morning time somewhere between 8-11am. We'll expand on ways to use this later in the series but for now, that will do.


  • Address: When it comes to adding an address you simply have to. There is no way around it, but if you are not comfortable using your home address, use something like a P.O Box (which you can get here) or even your Parcel Motel address (which you can get here). Both should be acceptable, I won't go into details, but all providers require an address, you just have to do it if you want to collect emails. Don't worry, I've never received any actual mail as a result of having the address listed.


Email Templates


Email Marketing For Bloggers


Once we have all that done, head up to the top right and select "Email Template". Here is where you can select what you want your emails to look like. There are plenty of ready-made templates available, but as you can see from the screenshot above, we use text only.


The reason for this is very simple. Most people check their emails on their phones and these nice fancy templates simply never display properly or the images don't load unless the person reading it opts to download the images too.


So what we found is that by using "text only" we can format the email with a "mobile first" mentality and we don't have to worry about it not displaying properly and looking ugly or "amateurish" on the reader's phone.


Trust us, plain text works just fine, you don't need all the bells and whistles to get your message across.


How to collect email address



Right, so that's all the setup we need to worry about for the moment. Now we can get down to the business of collecting email address.


I am sure you have all seen "opt-in forms" on plenty of blogs, it's that little box that says "name & email address". That is how we are going to start collecting subscribers, through an "opt-in form".


To create our first form we click on "forms" in the nav menu and then click "create a form". We'll have two options, we want to create a form, not a landing page (that's another day's work).


From here we'll be greeted with another three options, we're going to go for option 2 as you can see below


Email Marketing For Bloggers


From here on in, it gets a little bit trickier to show you via screenshots, so I've put together a video tutorial taking you through how to create a form.



tutorial circle action call out

What Do I Do Now?

We've a couple of tasks for you today.


  • Sign up to ConvertKit
  • Set up your account
  • Create an Opt-in form
  • Send us a link to your new form on your site