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The 30 Minute Blogger

Modules 1-3

Module 1: Style!

Module 2: Wanted Content

Module 3: How to Edit


Modules 4-6

Module 4: S.E.O.

Module 5: Smart Social Promotion

Module 6: Building Your Email List



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Module 1

Have you got the right "Style" to persuade your readers?

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Same Style Content = Bored Audience

A lack of thought goes into the *style* of articles created on a daily basis.

As a result, bloggers create the *same* style of article over and over again.

Without really realising it, your audience becomes *bored* and we (as bloggers) get sick and tired of churning out the same content.


Learn More Blog "Styles"

  • Keep our top 6 Blog "Styles" in your tool box


  • Learn to create content based on what action you want your reader to take. (Not all actions can be achieved by a CTA)

You will learn [3 topics]

  • Topic 1: Learn *Which*  "Styles" of blog post work best for which  *Reader Action*
  • Topic 2: Learn our Top 6 "Styles" of blog posts
  • Topic 3: Learn to create *Content* based on *What Action* you want your reader to take.
Module 1
Module 1, Topic 1

Styles of Articles

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
Orson Welles

Orson Welles

Writing a blog post takes a lot more thought than just the content.

The context and style have a massive part to play when it comes to making an *impact*.

[Explained] blog "styles" and why to use them

  • “How-To”: Increase Traffic & Build Trust
  • “List”: Increase Traffic & Grows Social Sharing
  • “Story”: Build Relationships with your Readers
  • “Resources”: Social Sharing & Affiliate Income
  • “Review”: Build Trust & Showcase Your Blog to Brands
  • “Curated”: Connect You with Experts (in the eyes of your followers) and Increase Traffic
  • “Mistake”: Build Relationships with your Readers
  • “Success”: Build Trust
  • “Roundup”: Increase Traffic
Module 1, Topic 2



As there are so many styles, we’re going to run through the Top 6 and when you should use them.


1. A List Post


There is a feeling among some bloggers that “List Posts” have been done to death and therefore they refuse to write them.


Well whether or not they have, the truth is they work really well.


List posts work fantastically well on a number of levels. They are shared a tonne and as a result are great when it comes to growing your readership and social.


So if you are aiming to grow either, then a “list post” is a great way to go.


On a side note, the effectiveness of a list post is determined by your existing reach, so it’s a little “chicken and egg” stuff, but I’ll show you another “style" of article later on that will get around that.



2. A Review Post


Another staple of many bloggers is a “review” post. These are great for two reasons, building trust and showing casing your blog/vlog to brands.



We as bloggers want and indeed “need” our readers to trust us. We have to demonstrate to them that we have their interests at heart. Review posts are a great way of doing this.


If we review a product, place or service and do so honestly, then our readers will come to trust that what we tell them is the truth and not do so for any type of monetary gain.


So if we recommend a product and it turns out to not be as good as we say, then we are going to lose that trust with that reader.


On a side note, review post are also a great way to monetise, assuming you have an affiliate link to that product, place or service.



3. A How-To Post


These are another staple of many bloggers and the reason? Most people who search online are looking for a solution to a problem.


If we can provide a solution, then we are going to grow our readership and build trust at the same time.


How-To posts are great for growing our site using the search engines. So if you are looking to get new readers using organic search (and you should be) then a how-to style post will help.


Of course, it does have to S.E.O optimised to have maximum effect, but I wouldn’t let that slow me down. Get the article out there and we can always go back and optimise it.


Done correctly “How-To” style posts also tend to get shared quite a lot, but by and large they are great for organic traffic and building trust.



4. A Story Post



Story posts are a fantastic way to build relationships with your readers. By telling stories about you and your everyday life it helps give your readers a little insight into what you do and how you do it.


It makes you more personable and interesting and it certainly humanises your content and can even help build an emotional connection with readers.



Story post are also a sneaky way of growing your social. With a little push, you can direct people over to your Snapchat or Instagram in particular. We can tell them they will get to see our “everyday” lives and stories as they happen over on our social rather than when we choose to blog about it.


For me, this “style” of blog post is the most underutilised weapon in a bloggers arsenal.



5. A Curated Post


This style of blog post is another powerhouse, yet I don’t see too many bloggers use them. I suppose the main reason is that they take a little work and research, but like everything in life if it were easy everyone would do it.


A curated post is basically blog post that incorporates other people's content, products, services or advice.



The best way to describe it is, the article can be a “list” post, but none of or at least very few of the items on the list come from the author.


For example, this article featured in Top 25 Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts 

As the title suggest, these are tips from people other than the author.


The reason these work so well is that it allows you to promote content from the “experts” and associate yourself with them. Thus helping our readers make a connection between these “experts” and us.


It also allows us to reach out to these “experts” and let them know, number one, we’re also in the niche and number two, that we have featured them in an article.


9 times out of 10, these “experts” will share our article as they will have been happy to have been featured and of course these “big names” have “big audiences” so it will help drive traffic back to our site.


And that’s how we get around that “chicken and egg” problem I spoke about earlier.


6. A Resource post


A resources post is another almost “list” style post, but with a different goal. The aim of this one is to purely drive income.


A list of your top resources, with affiliate links, of course, will help bring in some income.


By showing your readers what you use and where they can buy it, along with a little about it or how to use it can go a long way in helping you up your affiliate income.


The beauty of these is, they too get shared a lot, after all, they are really just a “list” post with external links.

Module 1, Topic 3

How to "Style" Your way to your Objectives


When it comes to creating blog content we should always have a goal in mind.


That goal could be any number of things, it could be to;


  • Grow our readership
  • Build trust with our audience
  • Be seen as a thought leader
  • Build a relationship
  • Generate income
  • Grow our social following
  • And so on…..


What many bloggers don’t seem to realise or think about is that depending on what you are trying to achieve you should publish a certain “style” of blog post.


There are so many styles of blog post and really when you think about some of the best content you’ve shared or read lately, it will be the style of the post that will stand out.


So we have shown you our Top 6 Blog “Styles”? And the reasons to use each blog style.


Does this change how you think about creating blog posts? Hopefully you now can create content based on the action that you want your reader to take. This will help you reach your blogging goals faster.


[Your Action] What to do!

Your Task for Today is....

Step 1: Select the Action you want your Reader to take

Step 2: Select the corresponding "Style"

Step 3: Write a *New* Blog Post!


//Tip//: Book 30 Minutes in your calendar to complete this task within the next 2 days if you can't do this right now!!

Time to Take Action

In Conclusion

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Modules 1-3

Module 1: Style!

Module 2: Wanted Content

Module 3: How to Edit


Modules 4-6

Module 4: S.E.O.

Module 5: Smart Social Promotion

Module 6: Building Your Email List



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