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Series 1: How to Start Your Blog #30MinuteBlogger

Part 1: How to Start a Blog in 2017

Part 2: How to Plan Your Blog

Blogging can change your life and selecting the right niche is key to your success and longevity. 

When it comes to starting a blog, how do you know if it's the right topic for you?

Part 3: Setting Up Your Blog

Not sure whether a self hosted blog is for you, or even how to do it?

There are a few essential pages that your blog needs once it launches. Have you set them up?

Part 4: Social Media & Branding

Setting up Social Media accounts for our blog is fun and easy, but don't forget these simple rules

Blogs are now becoming brands and you need to think of your blog as your "brand".

Part 5: Your First Blog Post

Before you begin to create content, you should really have a "style guide" in place.

What type of blog posts should you be writing in your first-month of blogging? We've got a plan.

Part 6: Editing & Imagery

Believe it or not, but great content is created in the editing suite, not the writing suite. 

We all know headlines help, but before they see the headline, they need to see the image

Part 7: Promoting Your Blog

How do you promote your blog when no one knows you exist? Like this..

Part 8: Email Marketing

A recent study carried out shows that 90% of bloggers & vloggers are making this mistake

With so many different options available, which one is best for you and your blog or vlog?

Part 8: Email Marketing

There are a lot of acronyms and buzzwords out there, hopefully this will help.

[Video] Get up and running with ConvertKit and start collecting email addresses in minutes.

Part 8: Email Marketing

Learn how to use Opt-ins and Upgrades to entice your readers into subscribing.

See what an autoresponder sequence can do for your blog as opposed to just a broadcast.

Part 9: Content Planning

Why every blog no matter how big or small should have an editorial calendar.

The 5 steps to setting up a basic editorial calendar that will improve your blog.

Part 10: Content Strategy

Learn how to put together a content strategy for you blog in five easy steps

Once we have a strategy, we need to have an execution strategy.

Part 10: Content Planning

Never run out of content ideas again, with so many ways to get inspiration we look at some of our favourites and show you how you can use them.

Part 11: S.E.O

Before we begin to optimise our site and our content we need to understand what S.E.O is

Once we understand what S.E.O is it's time for us to find the right keywords

Part 11: S.E.O

11 tips to help you S.E.O optimise your static blog content.

9 tips for S.E.O optimising your blog post. How to give them the best chance of ranking.

Part 11: S.E.O

3 simple ways to get your YouTube videos to rank in the search engines. Plus one of them is super sneaky...

Don't miss any of the #30minblogger series

Get weekly updates as new topics go live!