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5 Powerful Tips to Help You Actually Write Everyday!

When creating any piece of online content, people typically struggle with writing the most.


The difficulty with writing is that it build up to be this incredible task and often a blinking cursor could stare at you for hours.


The Secret to beating writers block and creating great content is very simple. You need to write Every Single Day!


Know that may not have been the answer that you were looking for, but it is the reality.


Like any skill or task that brings a success, writing needs to be practised. To become masterful you essentially need to turn this into a daily habit.


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30 Minutes of Writing Per Day is the first step to Mastery




Even writing for as little as 30 minutes per day will massively improve your chances of being successful online.


So with that in mind, what is needed to help us write great content every day?


Tip 1: Don’t worry about how much you write


Some people like to set a word count when they are writing every day. This is not a bad idea and can help you be a little bit more disciplined.


It is important to remember though, writing is about quality not quantity.


You need to have one goal of writing so many words or a goal of dedicating so much time to writing on a daily basis.


Some days we will write a lot, others it will be a struggle. What is important is that you write. Some days you could write a couple thousand words and others you might only reach 500. If you are writing everyday, then both are considered successful.


With this in mind is important not to beat yourself up. Book 30 minutes per day into your calendar to write. Also set a minimum threshold of words that you would like to write.


One successful method which I have used before is to set targets. One target is to write for a period of 30 minutes and the other is to complete 750 words.


If one of these targets are met, I would regarded as a successful session and move onto the next task was in my calendar. Even if you dedicate 30 minutes but only reached 250 words, that’s still a success. Once you put the time in, this is the target that should never be allowed to reduce.


Tip 2: Kill the Distractions


The most important thing is focus, you need to make sure you have this when you sit down to write.


When we record a podcast ask Content Academy we ask all of our guests to mute anything that goes ding.


I would suggest you do a similar thing with it comes to writing. Turn off your social media notifications, put your phone into do not disturb mode and most importantly ignore your email.


30 minutes is a very short period of time and you can get very little done if you start getting distracted and multitasking. You owe it to yourself to eradicate all distractions so you can be as productive as possible during this 30 minute window.


Only if it is a total emergency should you scrap your 30 minute period for writing.


Tip 3: Preparation is Key


When you sit down to start writing, that is what you should be doing!


Writing time is exactly that, it is time set aside in your calendar for you to write. You should not be researching, looking for images or any other related activity.


When writing at Content Academy, we follow an order of operation which allows us to complete tasks during their respective windows.


Brainstorming is completed for possible blog topics. These topics are then researched and stored in a safe location. Personally mine are all stored within my Microsoft cloud.


This means that I have a whole collection of possible topics to write about. This really helps you write quality content every single day.


Tip 4: But…Don’t worry about the Quality!


This may come as somewhat of a surprise, but you should not stress about the quality of your writing every single day. Some days you are going to have awesome success and you will enter into the flow state.


Is important that you just write, some of the content will be awful and will never see the light of day. It is important not to make that judgement there and then.


You should come back to this content of a later stage read it with a fresh pair of eyes and make a decision on its quality. Some of your content will become blog posts and others will eventually get deleted.


This is not a bad thing, it’s just how it is. You need to produce quality to help your audience. Remember it is not about quantity and it is better not to publish an article then to publish a substandard article.


But just because you’re unsure of what you’re writing on a certain day doesn’t mean that on another occasion it won’t become gold. For that reason don’t make a snap decision and delete your writing!!


The biggest hurdle for online business is producing content. The more content that you write, the more chance you have of producing content that you will publish.


Tip 5: Use Technology


Sometimes I’m simply not in the mood for writing, so I dictate instead!


This article was actually composed using Siri on an iPad Air. My ability to type fast has been developed over many years accelerated due to the fact that I have written thousands of articles.


Dictation is something I do because I enjoy it. If you are lucky enough to have access to an Apple device with dictation or another tool, I advise you check it out!


You do have to proof read your content a little bit more (best method: Read it out loud, starting with the last sentence and go backwards!!), but it can be a more relaxing more productive way for writing…..sometimes.


Especially when planning to take the task on every day, using technology from time to time can make a feel fresh and help you achieve your goals.


Take the first step, book 30 minutes into your calendar today!!

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