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5 Tips for Great Headlines that boost SEO & Social Shares

With Great Headlines your blog posts will rank higher on search engines and get more social shares if you include keywords, a compelling format, uncommon, emotional and powerful words.


This is not as complicated as you think, we have outline 5 tips to help you improve your blog headlines and turn them into great headlines.


Writing great blog headlines can transform your online business. We all spend a lot of time blogging, that effort can be a waste of time.


An great headline helps you rank higher in google, compels more people to click through to read your article and will perform better on social media.


5 Tips to Create Great Headlines that Rank Higher and Get More Social Shares


Tip 1: Include Your Keyword Term within your Headline


The first step is to create a great headline is to include relevant keywords. Depending on the keyword competition it may be better to target long tail keywords.


It is recommended that you research the keyword competition using googles free Keyword Planner Tool. When looking for keywords you are ideally looking for high volume search terms with low competition.


Targeting words with 720 monthly searches with low to medium competition can yield great results over time.


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Tip 2: Great Headlines with Lists Perform Best


Headlines that include lists get more clicks and are shared most on social media. They appeal to peoples curiosity and the promise of getting specific easy to consume information.


“Question” and “How to” headlines also perform very well.


Tip 3: Great Headlines Include Uncommon Words


It is important to include a few uncommon words within your headline. They help your headline standout and add an element of substance.


This can be difficult but you should challenge yourself as it will bring better results.


Tip 4: Great Headlines Include Emotion


Perhaps the most important part of your great headline is the emotional hook. You can use an emotional hook to provoke the click through reaction you are looking for.


We are emotional being and marketing is based on emotion. Headlines with emotion also perform very well on social media via “Social Shares”.


Attractive, Spotlight, Danger, valuable and worry are examples of emotional words. There are many examples that could be listed.


An emotional words resonates with your readers feelings. When composing a headline ask yourself “How does this headline make me feel?”.

Tip 5: Great Headlines Include Power Words or Phrases


The best way to describe a great headline power word is “bold”. They are stronger words or phrases than emotional words. They are a little more direct and persuasive.


  • In the world
  • You need to know
  • No questions asked
  • Powerful
  • Important
  • Urgent


In conclusion there are five elements to creating great headlines. They need to include your keywords, contain “List”, “How to” or “Question” format and include a mix of uncommon, emotional and power words.

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