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6 Fast Backlinking Tactics for Every Blog Post

Backlining Tactics for Bloggers

Want votes? Include “Building a Wall” in your campaign manifesto, Want to get more traffic to your blog post? Apply our 6 fast backlinking strategies for every blog post, to your blog posts!


Our fast backlinking tactics are using Social links, Internal Links, Reputable Links from other sites, Social Bookmarking, answering question forums and categorising & tagging content.


These backlinking tips are fast, and within your control. You can literally apply them to every post.


The Google search algorithm has long been a source of mystery. As bloggers, we don’t need to understand it, not that we will ever get the chance! What Bloggers do need, however, is to understand how to optimise their content to rank higher in Google.


Bloggers neglect Backlinking because it is hard to know what to do and Google are vague on the precise backlinking tactics required to merit a better position in their search engine.


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Bloggers should consider using Backlinking Tactics for every blog post and have a backlinking strategy for their blog to rank higher in Google.


This article focuses on backlinking tactics that Bloggers can apply to every blog post. Our Backlinking Tactics are fast to implement, giving your blog access to more traffic.


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What is Backlinking and why does it matter to Bloggers?

Each click of a link is counted as a “vote” for that piece of content. The more clicks or “votes” a piece of content receives, the more valuable the Google Search Algorithm deems it.


The Google Search Algorithm is more comprehensive, but in simple terms, the more links pointing to your blog, the higher Google will rank it within their search engine results.


The more sources that are pointing Links to a piece of your content; Google attributes more value. It is not about the number of links coming from a certain site, but the diversity of sites sending links.


Bloggers spend time crafting great content, adding some Backlinking Tactics will improve the traffic that blog post gets.


1. Gain Social Backlinks using Click to Tweet

Get Social Backlinks Click to Tweet = Social Backlinks!! #backlinkingmadesimpleWhen a visitor reaches your site and starts to consume your content, they form an opinion of your blogs relevance. They either start reading your content or click away.


People want to add value to their followers on social media and look smart in the process.


Can you provide an insightful piece of information? An anecdote, a quote or a catchy sentence.  If yes, use Click to Tweet to make it easy to share on Twitter.


Here are some examples of how we use Click to Tweet; How to Increase Blog Traffic with Categories and Tags


While researching this blog post, I can across a piece of content called 8 Smarter Ways to Earn Backlinks by Felix Tarcomnicu. Near the beginning of the article, Tarcomnicu uses a metaphor to describe backlinking. He likens it to a game of poker; Google is the dealer, and you can see everyone else’s cards (Backlinks). He shortened the metaphor and made it a click to tweet. It was so easy and clever that I clicked and shared it from our Twitter account.

SEO is like playing poker with your competitors, and Google is the dealer. The exception is that everyone has to play with their cards on the table. SEO is like playing poker with your competitors, and Google is the dealer. – @felixtarcomnicu Click To Tweet




2. Link to Internal Blog Posts

Internal Linking is a from of backlinking that gets more traffic, and you control it!Internal links help your blogs SEO, especially when visitors click them. So linking to one of your articles per blog post is recommended.


In a recent article on How to SEO Optimise Blog Posts I linked to a post getting us a lot of traffic on Custom Ghost Codes. This internal link was used because it gave value to the reader and improved the blog post from an SEO Backlinking perspective.


3. Categorise & Tag your Blog Posts

Although not backlinking directly, categorising and tagging your content as you publish provides links to other related blog content. This type of link isn’t as valuable as a link within your blog post body, but shouldn’t be ignored.


4. Link to a Reputable Source

When blogging, I research the topic even if I know the subject very well. There are so many great blogs and bloggers out there. When you find an article that is related to your blog post. Reference it and provide a link. This is one of the reasons that I linked to Felix Tarcomnicu’s article 8 Smarter Ways to Earn Backlinks when talking about Click to Tweet’s.


5. Social Bookmarking Directories

Social Bookmarking is fast and gets more traffic through great backlinksThere are some directories that you can send me your latest blog post to; some are your niche specific, others are a little bit more generic. Keep a short list of directories to update when you create a new blog post. The more these backlinks get clicked, the better your article will perform on google.


We recommend using the following social directories and adding a more niche directory if one exists for the topic of your content.

  1. Stumbleupon is one of the best sources of free quality traffic on the internet.
  2. If you submit enough quality content, you can get featured, and this will drive a lot of traffic your way.
  3. They have the mission statement to be the “front page of the internet”. It is another excellent way to drive free traffic to your site.


6. Answer a Question and Link to your Blog Post

When you complete blog posts, does it solve a problem or answer a question? Has that question being asked on the likes of Yahoo! Answers or Quora or any other Q&A platform? When it does, you are in a great position to go and write a short answer and link back to your blog post.


Quora is the best example of a site that answers questions. If your blog is the top rated answer, you can expect thousands of hits.


Don’t spam Q&A platforms as answers typically have a voting system and poor performing answers may hurt your blog.


Ninja Bonus Tip: Infographics for Your Best Content

A method that we’ve seen become increasingly popular over the last number of years is to use infographics to represent data from your blog post. An infographic can even simply be the steps listed out for the problem that your blog post solves, there are many variations of infographics available.


Content providers such as Mashable, Huffington Post and others are publishing infographics on a regular basis because of their popularity, which has skyrocketed since 2009.


The great thing about infographics is other bloggers share and reference them on their blogs.  Infographics are difficult to create, which is a key driver for their success too.


Software such as Piktochart is great for making Infographics, or you can use Fiverr to get some made. As a blogger, if this is outside your skill set try not to waste too much time.


In Conclusion

Blogging can be difficult and time consuming. It makes more sense to make existing content work harder, applying a few backlinking tactics to every blog post takes little time and achieves great long term results.


Linking to your own content, using Click to Tweet, using Categories & Tags, linking to reputable sources and adding your content to social directories is easy. It can literally be done every single time. Having a simple backlinking strategy for every blog post is much better than not having one at all.

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