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7 Essential Tips for World Class Blogging

When starting a blog, it is easy to get carried away with all the endless possibilities ahead. Some bloggers have turned their websites into multi-million pound enterprises!


Some people like Erica Duran have even been able to make it possible for themselves to get paid to live in a beach resort! Listen to how Erica achieved this on episode 5 of the Content Academy podcast.


Three of the most successful include Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuck. Each of them are making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month! If you build your online business the right way, you could join them!


The Getting Started Checklist


Tip #1: Define Your Blogging Topic


To have the most success you have to “niche down until it hurts” as John Lee Dumas advises prospective people looking to start podcasting. With the saturated world of Online Business, the same idea applies to the world of blogging more than ever.


Tip #2: Define Your Mission Statement


This will help you keep your focus, this is very important for online business. It is very easy to get lost in the noise and just follow the current trends. All action you take should be congruent with your mission statement.


Blogging Checklist

Tip #3: Consistency is Key


When building an online following, you are looking to create raving fans that will help grow your online business. People like to consume your content on a regular basis. Make sure you delivery your content as consistency as possible to make it easy for your followers to know when your new content will be released.

Check out the rest of our tips for getting started here.


Writing Habits to Make You a Better Blogger


Top 5 writing Habits to get intoTip #4: Read, Read & Read More


You would be surprised at the amount of bloggers who don’t read! Reading will improve your vocab, expose you to other writing styles and keep you informed on what your peers are doing. Even just 10 minutes a day of reading can make you a better blogger. Make time to have a coffee, grab your tablet and start improving today.


Tip #5: Be Disciplined


If you are serious about blogging then you need to make a commitment to yourself to Write Everyday, Turn off All Distractions and Do Not Edit as you write.


[spp-tweet tweet=”Only 6% of bloggers create a post that is longer than 3,500 words @BrandonLewin”]

Tip #6: Don’t Be Afraid to Write Long Posts


In episode 19 of the Content Academy podcast we had the pleasure of speaking to Brandon Lewin. Apart from being a great blogger, Brandon is very entertaining and explains how he puts in the effort to create longer posts and gain big SEO advantage off the back of it. Listen to theĀ podcast here and check out the show notes.

brandon lewin 1


Tip #7: How to Beat Writers Block


When you start blogging, you never imagine the day that you will have nothing to write about. If you have the right process in-place, you can ensure that this never becomes a problem for you!


Having titles prepared in advance, reaching out to your tribe and giving your point of view on posts published within your niche are some methods that can really help you.


For more tips on how to find great content to write about, check out this 4 part series: 20 Tips to Create Great Blog Content


Part One: 20 Tips to Create Great Content for Your Blog

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