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7 Step Blogging Checklist for Beginners #LaunchTime!

7 Steps Blogging ChecklistLaunching a blog can be a stressful time, yet it is also a very exciting opportunity too!

Make sure you follow our 7 Steps to get the most out of your blog in the early days! #LaunchTime!

1. Define Your Blogging Topic

One of my passions is football, I am a huge Manchester United fan for my sins. Blogging about football was far too wide a topic for me to create a popular blog.

I “niched” down to Premier League football, then to fantasy football. I had an audience to serve and got the opportunity to blog about my passion! Make sure you “Niche Down”!

If you are serious about blogging, I recommend that you READ THIS POST!

How to Write a Blog that Gets a Million Visitors

2. Name Your Blog

This can be difficult and often can take a lot of time. It is part of the “fun” initial steps of a blog. It is recommended to pick something memorable and containing a keyword is not essential, but does help SEO.


3. Register Your Domain & Hosting

There are a lot of low cost options available. If you are new to blogging it is recommended to setup a site and blog for 30-90 days. If you are still interested at this point then you can spend money on setting up a site with a domain and hosting. This is not an affiliate link but we use

The advantage is that you get a customisable platform with support, this saves us time and allows us to focus more on our business.


4. Define Your Mission Statement

At this point you are itching to get your blog started. Hold fire and define your mission statement. How are you going to serve your audience? What is going to go into every fabric of every piece of content you produce?

[spp-tweet tweet=”To “Create Raving Fans via 15 minute Content Tutorials”, What’s Your Mission Statement?”]

This is our mission statement, it may change but at least it keeps us focused at the moment.


5. Define your Blogging Structure & Frequency

There is no silver bullet for blogging. Longer posts of 2,500 words with plenty of backlinks perform better than 1,000 word articles with few backlinks. But saying that, you can get an equally impressive amount of traffic from eight well-constructed 350 word blog posts too.

The more you blog, the faster you will build an audience if you are producing quality content. If your content is poor, then you are simply turning people away from your online business. You will not get a share of their wallet if your free content is substandard.

No matter if you pick once a week or five times a day, the key to building any following is consistency. You should pick a blogging template or style and stick to it initially. This article will help your with structure here.


Also release your content the same time each week, we are creatures of habit and like to get into a rhythm of consuming the same content on a daily or weekly basis.


6. Social Media Platforms

Decide early what platforms are best for you to serve your tribe. Do a small selected few well. Social Media can be timely, so don’t do it for the sake of it. Do it to get results.

The general platforms to get started with are facebook and Twitter. If your content is visual then Pinterest and Instagram should be chosen. You then are faced with the option of using Periscope. This tool is a game changer, learn some general social media tricks here.

3 simple strategies to gain Social Media followers

For more information on getting Periscope working for you, check out this article.

How to get 1000's of Periscope Followers with One Blog Post
Youtube is another platform you should also look into, but remember start with just a few and do them well. Get more information on starting with YouTube Here.

how to promote your blog on youtube


7. Set Up your Email List

The money is in the list, plain and simple. Start capturing email addresses as soon as possible on your blogging journey. It is the one thing that beginners tell us they regret more and more.

If you are looking to build a £1 million online business, you need to capture 16,000 targeted email users. It is a lot of !subscribers, but then again that is some reward!



I am not asking you to join our list, simply that you comment below and state your favourite tip and also provide a link to your blog!(If you have started one!!)

I will reply to each comment left! Word! 🙂

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