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7 Tips for Bloggers thinking about Vlogging!

Vlogging? That’s for celebrities and professional bloggers, I don’t have the technology to do it. Not anymore! Anyone blogger can quickly become a vlogger for free using the phone in their pocket! Vlogging is nothing new, it is just about to become remarkably easy to do! Some might argue that it already has. We Vlogged…

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How to avoid the spam folder

Getting people onto our email list is often harder than it seems. But having got them there, we need to make sure we’re delivering that message time and time again, so we can really make an impact with our blog and with our content.   However, just because we’re sending out our emails to our…

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3 Not So Common List Building Strategies

Having a list building strategy may not be quite as important as having a content strategy, but if you can get your list building strategy and content strategy running hand in hand then you’re on to a winner.   It’s funny for many bloggers when they hear the words “list building strategy” they automatically assume…

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Should Bloggers Automate Social Media Posting?

Any Blogging automation that saves time is awesome; Automated Social Media posting certainly brings us a step closer the “DJ 3000” scenario! Don’t Praise the Machine! The Simpsons DJ – 3000 from Chronite on Vimeo. Automated Social Media posting has pro’s, cons and comes at a cost. Bloggers need to look at all sides before…

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15 Types of Email to Send to Your Email List

For bloggers when it comes to setting up an email list one of the biggest objections we hear is that they’ve no idea what types of email to send to their email list.   Even if you know that starting an email list is the best thing in the world you can do right now…

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Why Bloggers Need an Email List

Cornershop may have sung “Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow” back in ’97, but nowadays I like to sing “Every Blogger needs a list for protection”   Remember that song? Yeah me neither!   While that song may be about Indian culture, poverty, ignorance and corruption this article most certainly isn’t.   It’s simply about…

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6 Fast Backlinking Tactics for Every Blog Post

Want votes? Include “Building a Wall” in your campaign manifesto, Want to get more traffic to your blog post? Apply our 6 fast backlinking strategies for every blog post, to your blog posts!   Our fast backlinking tactics are using Social links, Internal Links, Reputable Links from other sites, Social Bookmarking, answering question forums and categorising & tagging content.  …

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13 things I do before I publish a blog post

You’ve got 15 seconds and even then over 50% of people won’t read it. So unless you’ve already read this article or you know all 13 things I do before I publish a blog post I suggest you stick around.   I was recently asked about my daily blogging routine and while there’s no typical…

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