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Breaking Blogging Barriers

I recently wrote a blog post entitled “How One Piece of Content Changed My Life”.


Yes I know that all sounds very dramatic, but for those of you who have read the article you will understand exactly what I meant by it.


The response I have got from people about it has been overwhelming, with many telling me the same thing, that one piece of content changed their outlook on life, or forced them to make changes.


For me, the piece of content I spoke about was not created by someone else, it was written by me, but it still had a massive impact on my life.


Having spoken to a number of you since that article went live, it got me thinking. Where would I be if I hadn’t written that article. What if instead of opening up my laptop I decided to switch on the Tv?


Not only that, but what if I let the fact that I knew nothing about blogging stop me from writing? What if I let myself get bogged down in the tech and gave up? What if I let the inner critic tell me;


“You can’t write, who will want to read your rubbish”


Of course I didn’t pay attention to any of the numerous reason I had not to blog, instead I just got on with it.


What About Everyone Else


This is perhaps the biggest thing about creating content, it is and should be thought provoking. Over the last few days one question has played on my mind,


How many people have not created their life changing content because of that inner critic?


It is a question I guess no one can really answer, but I think it’s safe to assume that there are thousands, if not millions of people out there who simply stopped.


Then I wondered, what stopped them?


If they where able to get past that one nagging problem or limiting belief, would they have created the best content the world has ever seen?


So that is what has prompted this blog post I guess, I want to ask you the same question.


What stops you from creating killer content?


I have put together a quick poll with some of the more common answers I have got from people over the years and I would love to get you feedback.


Even if you are blogging and loving it, let me know, what is stopping you creating even more content, be it video, audio or written.



Thanks for taking the time for not only contributing to the poll, but for reading this and all the other content we create here, it really means a lot to us.



I will be publishing the results of the poll over the coming weeks and hopefully I may even be able to get some of you unstuck and back on track.


If you want to be notified when the results go live leave you email address and I will personally pop you an email with the results.



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