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Content Creation: Who Cares If it’s been done before

Have you ever had an idea for a blog post or article, that really gets you excited, only to later discover while doing research that someone has beat you to the punch?


Of course you have, if you have been blogging for any length of time it is bound to have happened. If not, give it time, it will.


This is one of the biggest barriers that many content creators face on a daily basis, they come up with an idea, get fired up and in an instance become deflated because someone else has already covered it.


The question you have to ask yourself is “who cares?”


“None of us are recreating oxygen here”

Shari Teigman – Episode 36 of the Content Academy Podcast

With over 2 million blog posts being created everyday on WordPress alone, the chances of having an original idea are slim to none, but that shouldn’t disparage you from creating your content.


5 reason’s why you shouldn’t care if it’s been done before


Your audience


Your audience are your audience. This may sound like an obvious thing to say, but it is true. The reason people follow your blog is that they like not only the content that you put out, but they like they way you deliver it. Just because someone else has written about the topic does not mean that your audience has seen it.


So if you really want to provide value to your audience, you owe it to them to create this content. If you have had the idea, feel that it will bring value to your audience and you feel that you can speak knowledgeably about the topic, then in our opinion you must create it.


Your Voice


Chances are that while many people will have found your blog due to a quick Google search or Social update, the fact remains that they stuck around because they not only liked the content as we said, but they liked you.


With hundreds if not thousands of blogs in the same niche as yours, it is not just the topic that has made they stick around. It is they way you bring your content to life. The fact of the matter is that, many people will follow certain bloggers or social influencers due to the fact that they like the personality or voice of the blog.


So no matter how many times a topic has been written about remember, it hasn’t been written about in your very own inimitable style. That style and tone that you bring to your content is what has endeared your audience to you and they want to know your thoughts on the matter, so give it to them.



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Your Experience


Our own personal experiences are what shape us into the people we are. We have been faced with situations that our audience may not have been and much like a friend coming to you for advice, your audience is coming to you for that very same reason.


Becoming a trusted source of advice does not mean that you have to have media accreditation, or have a bunch of letters after your name. What it means is that you have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt so to speak and you have learnt what to do and what to avoid.


Everyone has different experiences, just because two people attend the same event, does not mean that they shared the same experience So give you audience the benefit of your experience on the matter. After all, that is part of the reason they are coming to you.


The Missing Link


While another bloggerS or news source’s may have covered the topic you want to write about, they may not have covered all the bases. In fact if we are all brutally honest with ourselves, there is content that we have created that has not quite covered everything our audience wanted to know. If it did, there probably wouldn’t be any need for the comment section at the bottom of the article.


Use this to help you approach the content from all angles. Take a look at the other pieces of content on the matter and check out the questions in the comments section. Are there common questions coming up, what are people asking about, what has the other author missed or not made abundantly clear?


These comments or questions can help you address all the issues  your audience may have on the topic and thus provide a more complete insight into the topic. Which will not only help you stand out, but will make you feel better about creating the content knowing that you are addressing some burning issues that the other pieces haven’t.




It is a fact of life, people are willing to go that extra mile for somebody they care about and you really care about your followers. Did the other author on the topic care enough about their audience to go that extra mile? Ask yourself:


[spp-tweet tweet=”What can I do to really help my audience?”]

Can you go one step further, would your audience benefit from an accompanying video or downloadable PDF? If you are doing a product review, can you give them a number of options as to where they can buy the product and where to find the best price, not just the one the other author was getting affiliate commission from?

What would really help you audience take action there and then? What would give them that boost to go after it and get that small win? This is the way you need to be looking at your content. What can I do that is over and above?




Not all content will get you listed on the first page of Goggle. While it is a worth while exercise to create content that you think will help you get ranked, your number one priority should at all times be your existing audience and providing value to them.

Don’t worry about out ranking another blog on the same topic, worry about providing as much value, insight and indeed entertainment to your audience as you can and the rest will follow.


Check List


We have created a check list for you to download and print off. The check list is something you can refer to when you have doubts about whether or not you should create a piece of content that has been covered by someone else.


There are six questions on the check list and if you can tick off at least three of the boxes then you should definitely go ahead and start creating your content. You can download the check list straight away by clicking the link below!


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