Episode 016: How to make a splash with your words and images with Jaime Slutzky

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jaime01-webToday we have Jaime Slutzky, Jaime like many online business owners stumbled into the world of content marketing quickly after starting her website development company. She realised that the website is just the beginning and that in order for a website to be more than a virtual business card, she could really help her clients make a splash online with their words and images.

Jaime has a degree in computer science, over a decade of corporate IT experience and a passion for fitness (she’s actually a certified personal trainer!) Jaime mostly works with offline health & wellness providers in order to make their online presence attractive to potential clients and easy to maintain on their own… Jaime loves empowering her clients with the tools to navigate the online side of their businesses on their own.



    • What according to Jaime makes a website stand out


    • Jaime’s formula for writing a blog post


    • Why we shouldn’t get worried if we don’t publish everything we write


    • Jaime’s auto-responder welcome sequence






“Don’t hide behind the brand, become the brand”


“I don’t want to be unforgettable and I know you don’t either”


“For every 3 blog post you write you are going to publish 2 of them”


“What do I want people to actually do once they finish my article”


“You want people to digest it quickly and then come back to you”


“Make it relevant, make it personal, tell a story”





Jaime’s Website – SimplyJaime.com

Opt In Monster – Optinmonster.com

WordPress Headway Theme –Headwaythemes.com

Convert Kit – Convertkit.com

Tash Corbin – Tashcorbin.com

Bronwyn Martin – Soyouthinkyoucanlaunch.com

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