Episode 022: Why “Framing” your content is so important with Mike Broadwell

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Mike_Broadwell_250x250Today we have Mike Broadwell on the show, Mike is the chief engineer at the Breakthrough Factory, a unique marketing and product creation system designed to fill in the gaps inherent in traditional “do-it-yourself” training programs. His core philosophy is that marketing is all about communicating what you do powerfully and effectively to the right audience. Done right it makes you better at your core competency.

Mike created and developed the Living Energy Secrets teleseminar series, along with several other joint venture summits and live workshops. Having spent over 20 years in professional technical sales, he brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, sales and marketing experience.




  • How to create content without actually having to do it yourself


  • What is the expert bypass method?


  • Creating content using the “Breakthrough Process”


  • How NLP and Framing can help you sell


  • What according to Mike makes a good product





“You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to put yourself out there authentically”


“What is my core strength, what will carry me through?”


“Content is so much more important than technology”


“Framing influences how we see the picture”


“People get hung up on the wrong things all the time”


“Try to create something that focuses on the important stuff, which is, core message, nailing your market and finding a way to communicate”





Mike’s Website – Breakthrough Factory


Mike’s Email Address – Mike@Tallhickory.com


David Mills – OMG Machines


Phil’s Article on Facebook Instant Articles – Why you should care about Facebook Instant Articles




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