Episode 003: How to Automate Your Online Content & Build a VIP Email List with Mark Asquith

Mark Asquith Podcast Interview
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Mark Asquith joined us from Excellence Expected, the #1 Small Business Podcast out of the United Kingdom.

Mark is a real innovator and has helped thousands of small business owners reclaim their life with his productivity hacks. In this episode of the Content.Academy podcast we learn how Mark produces so much quality content every single week.

In this episode you will learn

  • Mark’s Process for Publishing New Content, Every day!


  • Advantage of a “Start Here” page


  • “VIP” Email Marketing:


  •  Converting Social Followers into Email Subscribers:


  • Process for Writing a Blog Post


  • Deciding Your Call to Action (CTA)

Pearls of wisdom from Mark Asquith


“The step into content creation was logical, I have always been quite a loquacious guy.”


“Everyone’s an expert at something, everyone’s got a lot of knowledge in some niche.”


“You need to get to the point without sacrificing your personality”


“Figure out the intersection of your knowledge & your customers problems”


Links and Resources Mentioned


http://www.excellence-expected.com/ Mark’s Online Business

http://www.hacksawstudio.com/ Mark’s Design Company

https://ia.net/writer/ios/ Distraction Free Writing for Mac, iOS & Android

https://gingkoapp.com/ Tool to help you write large projects like books or novels

http://joby.com/gorillapod Stand’s available from Amazon for £10

 Macro Lens on Amazon from £4


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Special thanks to Mark for coming on the podcast, I think you will agree he provided an incredible amount of value when he shared his content planning week. Why not drop him a tweet and let him know your thoughts on today’s episode, @MrAsquith

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