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Episode 033: Teaching Your Tribe With Lindsay Padilla – Content Academy Skip to content

Episode 033: Teaching Your Tribe With Lindsay Padilla

Listen to this episode (0:52:26)

On Episode 33 of the Content Academy Podcast we are fortunate to be joined by the exceptional Lindsay Padilla.

Lindsay is a Professor who help’s entrepreneurs create e-courses and group programs that make an impact on the world.

Only 5% of people who attend seminars or take courses actually complete them and take action.

During this educational episode we discuss what it takes to create online courses that actually provide real value by getting people to ACTUALLY COMPLETE your course!


Lindsay Padilla helps change-the-world-as-we-know-it entrepreneurs translate their gifts and experiences into student-centered digital courses and content. She also teaches Sociology at a community college in Northern California. She spent WAAAAY too long in the education system (30 years!) and now has a bunch of degrees and a few letters she can tack onto her name as proof. At least she is using it to support people who are out to make an impact!

Register for Lindsay’s Upcoming Webinar NOW!



  • How to Build a Successful E Course


  • How to get people to actually finish your course – 96% of online courses are never finished


  • How to build your modules, lesson by lessons.



Pearls of Wisdom from Lindsay


“Vary Your Content for Students, Use Audio, Video & Transcripts”


“We Learn from Eachother, Build a Course Community”


“Venn Diagram Your Course using Your Skillset, Your Knowledge & What’s Needed


“ Create a mini course to validate your idea ”


“Building Relationships is the foundation of business”


“ Biggest Mistake of E-Courses, Giving too much information! ”


“Get Close to the Beginners Mindset, Don’t Skip the mini steps





Lindsay’s website

Upcoming Webinar: Sunday June 12th Lindsay will be teaching you Live to create your first mini course. Find out more and REGISTER HERE!


Kimra Luna

Amy Porterfield

Todd Herman




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Special thanks to Lindsay for taking the time to share her journey, experience and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop her a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @LindsayMPadilla

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