Episode 038: Clients & Relationship Marketing with Chanel Cumberbatch

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Chanel Cumberbatch in articleIn the latest episode of the Content Academy Podcast we have Chanel Cumberbatch on the show. Chanel is the founder and C.E.O of the The Savvy Business Belle. Chanel as she puts it helps entrepreneurs, take their businesses from mess to success!


Chanel is a Business Success Strategist and Clarity Coach. Who through coaching and strategy sessions,  helps entrepreneurs whip their businesses into money making powerhouses, all while staying in alignment with their unique passions.






    • How Chanel was able to prove herself through her content


    • How to conduct market research calls to get clear


    • What Relationship Based Marketing is and why you should be doing it


    • How your free content can lay the foundations for client acquisition



Pearls of Wisdom from Chanel


“If you are willing to take on anyone, it really only becomes about money”


“If you do relationship based marketing right, you won’t have to pitch anybody”


“Have a questionnaire before anyone can jump on your calendar”


“If everything is behind an opt in, how do they know they want to do business with you?”


“I am dedicated to quality over quantity”





Chanel’s Website – The Savvy Business Belle


Chanel’s Facebook Page – The Savvy Business Belle 


Zoom – For Information Capture


Type Form – Questionnaire Software





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