Episode 46: Write your Life Story & Make a Deeper Audience Connection with Stacy Brookman

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stacy brookman image 1 copyStacy Brookman of Writeofyourlife.com joined us on the show to talk to us how to start telling our life story and transforming others lives! We talk about the difficulty of writing and some tips to make it a little easier.


We literally breakdown the step by step process needed for you to tell your story. With the increase in the success of personality branding, we are seeing those with a great story get the most press coverage.


It makes sense doesn’t it?


The challenge most of us have is that our life is dull and nobody will be interested in our story. The key is to pick out some key milestones that has happened and use them to make a connection with your audience. Stacy Brookman was very generous and shared some great tips to help you achieve this in today’s episode.



About Stacy Brookman


Stacy Brookman wants to live in a world where everyone feels free to share their stories…and listeners gain wisdom from them.

As a life story aficionado and writer, Stacy has been featured on many podcasts and speaks at selected events throughout the year. She also provides weekly content and special articles for KidsOutAndAbout.com.

She enjoys discussing a variety of ways to share family history and life stories, discovering your life theme, writing through difficulties, and how to write a memoir.

Her latest project – Lifestorytelling.com – is taking off. This life story course is for both writers and non-writers alike. It’s the culmination of years working to understand the psychology and the art of life story writing, and making it easy for others to write their stories.




  • The benefits of Life Story telling


  • The Key Milestones of Story telling


  • How to find your Life Theme


  • The Art of Morning Pages





“Its ok if it doesn’t go well, we don’t get everything done at once”


“Its Just a Memory”


“Life happens……Life story telling transforms it”


“I was a sociopaths wife, I’ve come a long way since then”





Stacy’s Website: Writeofyourlife.com


Stacy’s Podcast: Write of Your Life Podcast


Life story Jumpstart: lifestory101.com




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Special thanks to Stacy for taking the time to share her journey, experience and wisdom with us this week and if you want to reach out and drop her a tweet you can do so @WriteOfYourLife

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