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How to Give Your Readers The Content They Want This Christmas



You know they are going to be so busy that they won’t have time to just casually read your blog this Christmas, don’t you?


The festive period is fast approaching and that means, less free time, more things on the to-do list and more events to attend.


So not only are your readers going to have to be very selective about what they commit time to but so are you.


After all, our readers are not the only ones who are tight on time, us bloggers are too!


But what if you knew that every blog post you created between now and Christmas was going to be gold, frankincense and Muir?


Or to put it in terms many fashion and beauty bloggers would relate too, it would be all, “Dream Velvet Foundation” , “River Island Chokers” and “Sequins and Suspenders”


The problem facing bloggers at this time of year is the constant fight for our reader’s attention. With so much going on we are hard pressed to be able to grab them like we normally would at any other time of the year.


So in order to keep them engaged, we need to be producing content that they are actively looking to consume and we need to start producing it before they even know they need it.


As I’ve said, we are all hard pressed for time over the festive period, so we need to be sure that our time is well spent, especially when it can take hours to craft the right blog post, video or podcast.


So how do we make sure our content hits the mark? How can we read our audience’s mind?


We dig for data!


Now stay with me I am not about to geek out in any way shape or form, but I am going to share a tool that makes knowing what to create at this time of the year particularly easy.


Google Trends


As many of you will know, I am certainly not a fashion and beauty blogger, but by spending 10 minutes digging in Google trends I can see that some of the search terms on the rise in these niches are “Dream Velvet Foundation” , “River Island Chokers” and “Sequins and Suspenders”.


Now this is without any clue as to what woman and indeed men would be looking for in terms of both beauty and fashion over Christmas. If I had to guess I would have said Christmas jumpers and little black dresses, but even those are not specific enough.


I can drill right down and see that “Asos” and “River Island” chokers are where it is at, that “Pretty Little Thing” is the place for a little black dress, a “crushed velvet tracksuit” is on the rise and “Gold Sequins” are the ones for Christmas 2016


So, what can I do with information like this?


I can do a multitude of things, but more importantly, I can serve my reader much better if I know what they are looking to read about.


Once I have an idea as to which search trends are on the up, a quick Google for those keywords will show me what is ranking top of the pile for that word or in this case, an item of clothing or makeup.


Velvet was also something that was on the rise in the search terms, so I have decided to do a bit of digging in Google Trends. I’ve gone ahead and Googled ” velvet” and the top search query coming back in “velvet tracksuit”, so I dig into velvet tracksuit and I can see “crushed velvet tracksuit” is high on the search trends


Now I need to dig deeper into “crushed velvet tracksuit” mainly because I have no idea what one is and if my wife sees my search history any time soon, she’ll think I’m buying her one for Christmas, sorry love I’m not!


So instead of putting crushed velvet tracksuit in Google Trends, I am just going to Google it normally.


At the bottom of the first page of Google, they are kind enough to give me a list of related search items and these will also help me get laser focused on my content.


These results at the bottom tell me two things, women are looking for a black crushed velvet tracksuit in a size 16 or above.


So now rather that creating a blog post about crushed velvet tracksuit’s I am going to focus on “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuits”


What does all this mean for the average blogger?


It means that you can be pretty sure where you to create a blog post about “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuit’s” you are going to get your readers attention. Simply because many of them seem to searching for this and not only that, but you should attract new readers to your site.


This is of course based on the assumption that you do your best to optimise your article for the key phrase “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuit’s”.


Types of content to create


This is where you get a little free licence, but depending on your audience you can create a number of pieces of content.


You can create the following;


  • A list post – listing the top, 3, 5, 10 places to buy the product or even which brands make the best


  • An F.A.Q post – What questions have your readers go about the product?


  • A story post –  We all love a good story and so do your readers, so give them one about your struggle to find the right “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuits”


  • A How-to post – Once we know they want a “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuit’s” we can give them a “how to accessorise a “plus size black crushed velvet tracksuit” article.


There other “types” of blog posts we could write like “an opinion post” or a simple “review post” but either way I hope you are getting the idea.


In the constant struggle to grab people’s attention we need to be sure that the content we create is what they are looking for, otherwise, we are not only going to be disappointed with the amount of traction we are getting, but also the amount of readers.


How to make it work for you!


If you are writing about the right topics, then not only are you going to keep your readers happy, but you will certainly attract new ones, after all, we know what people are searching for.


However, one problem can be holding onto our new and existing readers and getting them to subscribe to our social channels, so you have to make it worth their while.


What if instead of just asking them to follow you to “get more”, as we see so often, we give them a reason.


We set up a thread on our Facebook Page for instance and dedicate it to “crushed velvet tracksuit’s” and we can ask our followers to snap pictures of them as they see them in shops, with maybe the price and which shop.


Now our new followers have a dedicated feed to help them find the right “crushed velvet tracksuit”.


Wrap Up


With Google Trends the more specific you are starting off the better in terms of your search words, but as you can see even starting off with absolutely no idea about fashion I have been able to identify what people in Ireland are searching for right now!


Quite ofter we create content based on what we “think” our audience will want or what we want, but with a little bit of digging we can get exact results and know for sure what they want.


We’ll be running through more great stuff like this at our “One Day Blogging Workshop”, so if you have found this useful, then have a look at exactly who the workshop is for and why we feel every blogger will be able to increase their reach, impact and audience with the techniques we will be teaching on the day.



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