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Increase your social reach with Tweet Chat

We have spoken time and time again about the fast moving pace of our audience’s social platforms and none moves faster than Twitter, one minute your there, the next your gone. So how do you make sure that your tweet get’s seen, not only by your followers, but by fresh eyes also. One great way of getting eyes on your content is by hijacking TweetChat. What I want to show you is how to use Tweet Chat to increase your social reach beyond your own followers.


Tweet Chat lets you have real time Twitter discussions with people based on the hashtag used in the tweet. It is relatively simple to use and very simple to execute, it’s a great way to Increase your social reach. This does take a little time, so it is not really something you can put on autopilot, but once you find the right hashtags you can then plan out some automated tweets. However I would advise doing it in real time.


How to use Tweet Chat to increase your social reach


Firstly you need to get yourself over to TweetChat and link up your twitter account. To do this all you have to do is enter a hashtag that you want to check out. So pop the hashtag in the box and hit “go”. This will then prompt TweetChat to look for access to your twitter account. Once you authorise Tweet Chat it will show you the results of your hashtag search.


How to use Tweet Chat to increase your social reach


Once that is done Tweet Chat will show you all the most recent tweets with the selected hashtag you specified. Now this is where we want to get a little sneaky. on the top of the screen there are a number of options. You can change the hashtag or you can see the active rooms. This is where we want to go and have a look around.



Tweet Chat to increase your social reach
Go ahead and click on “Active Rooms” and what this will show you is the most active conversations currently taking place on Twitter, all sorted by hashtag. What we want to do here is scroll down through the list of hashtags until we find one that we feel best matches our content or our niche.


Tweet Chat to increase your social reach



As I said, we want to scroll down and have a look at which ones may suit our niche or content best. In this case I have found one that carries the hashtag #SocialMedia. Which of course is perfect, the day previous there was a #ContentMatters hashtag that was very active. There are perfect for us to start getting in on the conversation.


Select a hashtag that fits best, you do not want to be trying to put in hashtags that really have no relevance to your niche or your content. Once you select the hashtag you will be shown the conversations that are going on with in that chat. All you have to do now, is get in on the conversation. This is where you can see what people are talking about, perhaps problems they are having and could be a great chance for you to help them out in real time.


Of course there are many ways this can be used, from having conversations, to finding active hashtags to include in your tweets. So if you do not have time to full participate in conversations, you can still plan out some tweets and include the most active hashtags. The beauty of Tweet Chat is that they will automatically add the hashtags you have selected to your tweet, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to put them in.


Being present, active and helpful on Social Media is a great way of not only helping people, but also showing that you have great knowledge of you niche and will certainly help you increase your social reach. So the next time you have some minutes to spare log in and try to help out where you can. You will be surprised at just how many people will appreciate the advise and hit that follow button.


If however you are short on time, why not check out what it trending. Trending hashtags and topics are a great way to increase your social reach and help you get your voice and content seen by more people. Bare in mind that you do not want to shoehorn in a hashtag if it does not fit, so try and find ways to make the hashtag applicable to your tweet.


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