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Instagram Video: Why it’s a Marketing must

We are continuing on the trend of taking a closer look at Instagram and having covered, hashtagsBio’s and Instagram lists, it is time for us to jump right into video.


As we are all aware Instagram allows you to post up to 60 second’s of video, which is great when it comes to promoting your content or brand. The big question we get asked when it comes to video content on Instagram is, how do I use Instagram video to market my brand?


Well there are a number of ways that you can use the video feature to market your brans or content. However, before you do that, take the time to play around with Instagram video. Understand what you can and cannot do with the short video’s. Now I could go into the “how to” of shooting Instagram video’s but lets be honest, all we want to know is the why!



Why Instagram video is so important


  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Source)


  • Mobile shoppers are 3 times as likely to view a video than desktop shoppers (Source)


  • Syndacast predicts 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video (Source)


With over 400 million users Instagram has a lot of eye balls and with so much going on in their time line, you need to stand out and catch their attention. Video is a great way of doing that. So we know that we should be using Instagram video in our marketing efforts, but how?



How to use Instagram Video to promote content


Promote new content


Once you have finished creating a new blog post, podcast or video for your audience, shoot a quick video to let them know it is live! So why not shot a quick video telling them about the topic of  the content and where they can find the link to the article.


Don’t forget that you can use hashtags to also push the reach of the video and the article. Check out more on hashtags hereAlso to make it easier for your followers why not change the link in your bio to go directly to your new piece of content.


Get Feedback or do research


Shoot a quick video asking your followers what they thought about your latest piece of content, what they found helpful and what they would like to know more about.


Alternatively, you can reach out to them prior to creating your content and ask them what they would like to know about a topic. This is a great way to make sure that the content hits the mark. Plus you can then go back to those who commented when the content is created and let them know it’s live!


Promote other Social Platforms


If you are active on Facebook Live for instance, what is stopping you from shooting a video five or ten minutes before you go live, telling your Instagram followers that you will be jumping onFacebook Live to talk about a certain topic?


After all, if you are all set up to do a video broadcast, it won’t take you long to shoot a 60 second clip. So make the most of your time and give everyone a chance to see your broadcast.


One to One Marketing


Why not shoot a video thanking a new follower or replying to a comment left on one of your posts. All you have to do is take note of the person’s username. This is really simple to do. Simply hit reply on their comment, copy their username, shoot the video and then instead of posting to followers, tap “Direct” and paste in their username.


How awesome would this be if you got a direct video message from some of the big names or celebrities you follow? It takes less than a minute, but the impact will out last that by years.


Tip of the Day 


Instead of creating an image with a quote or a tip, why not shoot a video and give your followers a tip direct from the horses mouth. Again being visible and in front of the camera will do wonders for your authority and also your likability.


So don’t be shy use every opportunity you have to get you and your brand in front of the camera.


User Generated Content 


Ask your followers to send you a video of what they are working on at the moment or a video of themselves with your product. This is great if you have a unique hashtag to go along with a product or event. All they have to do is add your hashtag to the video and boom your done.


For added incentive, why not share it with all your followers. How many of you would love some of the people you follow to share your post or video?


Behind the Scene’s


Give your followers a behind the scenes look at your set up. Whether that is your office, your home, wherever you are. People love to feel that they are getting a sneak peak at something they would not normally see. So give it to them when you can.


Also if you are at an event, why not shoot a quick video letting people know you are they are how they can meet up with you for a chat. Nothing beats face time with your audience/clients.


Embed your Instagram Video


Again if you have taken the time to record a quick video, why not embed it on your website or share it on other social platforms. We already know the effect posting to Facebook from Instagram has on engagement.



Instagram Video Marketing


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