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Marketing Advantages to using Facebook Live over Periscope

Facebook has been at the forefront of Social Media marketing for some time, yet with apps like Periscope giving you the ability to get in front of the camera and interact with your followers and customers, it seemed as if Facebook was somewhat behind the times. However Facebook being Facebook, they launched the “Live” feature, which pretty much does the same thing as Periscope. With that said there are advantages to using Facebook live over Periscope.


The Facebook F8 conference is in full swing at the moment and as we eagerly await news on Facebook’s “Instant Articles”, there has been some very interesting news coming out about “Facebook Live”. We know that the “Live” feature has been available for a little while now and has recently been rolled out to everyone to use and it would seem that Mark Zukerberg wants to take it on one step further. He announced at the F8 Conference that they have built an API which will allow anything with a camera to stream on Facebook Live.


So with Facebook putting more and more emphasis on their “Live” capabilities, I thought I would take a look at some of the advantages to using Facebook Live over Periscope.


advantages to using Facebook Live over Periscope


You already have a following


This is one of the main reasons it may be of benefit to you to use Facebook Live over Periscope. After all you have spent the time building up a following on your Facebook page, so why not try and captivate that audience you already have, as apposed to going out and trying to get new followers on another platform, that is after all basically the same thing.


Unlimited characters in title


Unlike Periscope, there is no limit to the amount of characters that you can use when it comes to writing a headline for your Facebook Live broadcast. Anyone who has used Periscope will attest to have difficult it can be at times to craft a headline about your chosen topic, while staying within the character limitations of Periscope.


You can Tag People and Pages in your Title


Given the fact that there are no limitations when it comes to a headline, you can also tag people in your broadcast. This is great when it comes to maybe having a guest on your live broadcast. Also the beauty of this is, if for instance you wanted to do a video reply to a question posted on your Facebook Page, then you can tag the person who asked the question to ensure they get the response. Another great way of tagging people in a Facebook Live broadcast, would be to review products and tag the company that made them.


The Video doesn’t disappear after 24 hours 


advantages to using Facebook live over periscopeWith periscope, your broadcasts only stay live available for 24 hours after you broadcast, however with Facebook Live, they stay on your page for ever. This is great news for marketers. If you have spent the time to do a Facebook Live broadcast, it will automatically stay on your wall as a normal video that people can watch back in their own time. Also if you do opt to answer a specific question on a topic, you can simply refer people to that video should that question come up again.


Subscribe within Facebook Live


While you are live you can prompt people to subscribe to you which is fantastic. The subscribe button stays in the top right corner of the live stream and makes it much easier for people to subscribe. With Periscope they can subscribe, but it takes one or two steps to achieve this. So certainly Facebook have made it much easier to execute a “Call to Action” within the stream. This means you can capture leads while they are hot.


There are more features coming to Facebook Live over the coming weeks and months. With Facebook’s drive to capture more native video on their platform, you can be sure that we will be diving into the marketing potential more and more as time goes by.


Let us know, which live streaming platform is working best for you at the moment?

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