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Episode 012: The Ascension Model of Content Marketing with Mark Lack

Mark LackToday we have Mark Lack on the show, Mark is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, captivating speaker and peak-performance coach who specialises in helping young adults and entrepreneurs recognise and overcome their perceived limitations, fears and sabotaging patterns holding them back from making their life and or business, a masterpiece and he does all this through his company


At only 25 years old Mark has achieved great success in his businesses and now finds himself in the position of not only being able to invest $500,000 in his own self development, but also in being able to help other young adults achieve their full potential and we were lucky enough to be able to get him on the show today to share his experiences and business acumen with you.

In this episode you will learn


    • The importance of testimonial’s to your business


    • We discuss Mark’s systems that have helped him grow


    • Mark’s process for getting so much done


    • Mark’s Ascension model in tracking his customers experiences




“The best time to ask for a testimony is when the customer is at a peak state of happiness or excitement”


“Social proof plays a crucial role in helping people make an educated decision”


“Systems succeed and people ultimately fail”


“I based my decisions of content creation off audience feedback”


“You want to give people a short little piece of advice and if they like it provide them with the call to action”




Shorten the

Shorten The Gap – Short Cuts To Success And Happiness by Mark Lack

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