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Episode 036: Finding Your Creative Edge With Shari Teigman

Shari TeigmanOn today’s episode we have Shari Teigman on the show. Shari is a soul explorer, transformation coach, creative business strategist and the brain child behind Her goal is to help as many people as she can to re-spark their souls and create lives and businesses that they love instead of feeling dead and numb inside.

Shari is a lifelong learner, and has always had her creative jam flowing through her training in sociology, art therapy and finally, her year long coaching program. She is also a certified yoga teacher and a multimedia artiste’ who works with decoupage, mosaics and paint, interior design as well as a makeup artist. (Yes, she decorates anything that stands still-ish.)




  •  How authenticity and creativity go hand in hand


  • Shari’s content creation method’s


  • Turning what matters to you into content


  • How to approach the meaning, not the content


  • How to challenge your content from a 3d point of view




Pearls of Wisdom from Shari




“I walk my talk, I like to see my creativity leaning me towards different directions”


“They get to a certain point and they level off and they are afraid to take that next jump”


“Creativity is not a side note, it is the main dish”


“It’s about playing, investigating, experimenting and seeing what works”


“You have to lead with what makes you different”


“None of us are recreating oxygen here”


“There is something about shipping, it that relieves the pressure off you”






Shari’s Website  –


Check out Shari’s upcoming course – BizSparks Course


Shari’s Podcast – The Creative Soul Lab Podcast



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Special thanks to Shari for taking the time to share her journey, experience and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop her a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @ShariDTeigman

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