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Episode 052: Day 2 of the Selection Box Challenge

This is the 2nd challenge in Content Academy’s 5  Day Selection Box Challenge that we kicked off a couple of episodes ago.


To recap – every day we have been suggesting a particular style of blog post for you to create. Our challenge is to create and publish that blog post – to join our Content Academy Mastermind Group on Facebook and to share your post on this thread and to check out the other posts others are submitting.


Today your challenge is to create a ‘story’ post.


You can listen to this episode in the player above or look for episode 52 on iTunes.


While creating a story might sound easy, the challenge is to make that story applicable to your blog and niche.


Types of Story


There are many “types” story you can tell as a blogger, but today I really want you to focus in on telling a story that will help you connect with your audience.


Try and give your audience a little bit of context on you, share with them a story that they may not know about you. I don’t mean that it has to be an overly personal story if you don’t want it to be, but make it applicable to you.


  • Personal Discovery Story

How one piece of content changed my life


  • A Story as an Analogies and Illustrations

What Going to Peru Taught Me About Business…and Life


  • Success Story

How I Went From Zero to 5,000 Email Subscribers in Six Months


  • Failure Story

Why My First Google AdWords Campaign Was A Total Failure


  • Biography/Tell Someone Else’s Story

How my client went from $500/month to a Million dollar business in 2 years!


  • How I did it Story

This Is How I Get Paid To Travel The World


  • Imagine If…. Story

If I had THREE wishes…..


  • A day in the life Story

Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet

Further Advice/Reading

How to write better stories on your blog

Episode 11: The Art of Storytelling with playwright David Gilna


What’s Next?


  • Clear a little time in your diary and to create your post.



  • Make sure you share your completed article with the group and then check out other people’s posts


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