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Episode 055: Day 5 of the Selection Box Challenge

This is the 5th challenge in Content Academy’s 5 Day Selection Box Challenge that we kicked off a couple of episodes ago. If you want to go back and check out the first challenge you can find it here.


To recap – every day we have been suggesting a particular style of blog post for you to create. Our challenge is to create and publish that blog post – to join our Content Academy Mastermind Group on Facebook and to share your post on this thread and to check out the other posts others are submitting.


Today your challenge is to create a “Monetization Post”


You can listen to this episode in the player above or look for episode 55 on iTunes.


Ok so in essence, we are asking you to write a review, post but with a twist, we want you to try and monetize the blog post by including a link to a product or service that you are an affiliate for.


Why Monetization/Review Posts important


A “monetization/review post” are loved by the search engines. After all, people go to Goggle looking for information on products and services, so it is one of those “styles” of blog post that people are actively searching for.


They are super shareable. We as consumers tend to tell our friends and family if we are thinking of buying something or going somewhere, so when they see a review of that product or place they generally share it with the person they know will be interested in it.


They are great for engagement. People who read the review may have other questions you may not have answered, so by opening the door for comment or questions on your review, we can begin to drive engagement and interaction with our readers.


The last one I want to point out is trust. Review posts are fantastic for building trust. That is, of course, assuming that you write an honest review. if you review a product and your audience agree with the review having purchased the product then you will become a trusted source of information.

Further Advice/Reading

How to write a review worth reading

Michael Hyatt’s Free PDF for 2017 (trust me its worth a read and it’s free)


Our Offer To You

As I said on the show, given the fact that it is black Friday we felt we should give you good folks a special offer, so up until Sunday night (27/11/16) you can get your ticket to our next one day blogging workshop for only €29.

The general tickets to our last workshop were €79, so we really are cutting the cost, but just for the weekend.

Secure your ticket now before the offer ends or the event sells out!


What’s Next?

  • Clear a little time in your diary and to create your post.
  • Make sure you share your completed article with the group and then check out other people’s posts
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