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Quick Tip to Boost Facebook Likes by 20%

This is a very exciting quick tip to boost your Facebook likes

You can increase the Facebook likes for your Facebook page by inviting people who have liked your posts to like your page.
Many online business owners are unaware that this even exists! There is a caveat though, you must have less than 100,000 likes on your Facebook business page. The process to follow is very simple. Once someone likes one of your posts on Facebook, invite them to like your Facebook business page.

We have seen a 20% Conversion

We have a 20% conversion rate of post likes turning into business page likes. Yours odds of success are increased the sooner you invite someone to like your facebook business page after they have liked your post.
The reason for this is that you want to capture the “liker” at their peak state of happiness with you. This will be highest just after they consume your content, which should give them some value. It does mean that people who may have liked a blog post six months ago, will not be in peak state and may not even remember you or your blog!

Click the “Likers” of you facebook Posts

As time is our most valuable asset, it is recommended not to waste it looking for likes from last year’s posts, even last months may not be worth it. As you can see from the image below, facebook makes it very easy to see who has liked your post.

How to get more facebook likes

Now Invite them to “Like” your Page

Simply click on the “and others” tab. You are then presented with the full list of people who liked your post. The next step is to simply click “invite”.

How to get more facebook likes from your tribe


How to Get More Facebook Likes

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