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Quick Tips to Improve SEO for Blogs

SEO for Blogs is what you need!!Once you have completed writing your blog post, the top of your agenda should be how to improve the seo for blogs you plan to publish. The article should beĀ optimised for keywords that will grow your audience.


Your content must be top notch, but your seo and promotion are what gets your content consumed. If you put a simple SEO strategy inplace you will be ahead of most blogs on the internet.


Many years ago Google updated their algorithm under codename “Panda”, there has since been the “penguin” update and many more. Blogs who ignored seo suffered a drop in their search engine rankings overnight!


Follow these steps below to make sure the penguin doesn’t get you!!


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At the end of the day when we write content we are really trying to achieve three goals. Many will try complicate what we are doing, but essentially it is a very simple process.

1. Provide Value to our existing audience

2. Get New Visitors to our site

3. Turn them into followers

Pick 2-3 keywords or phrases that appear throughout your article.

Go to Google Keyword Planner and enter your phrases. You are looking for keywords that are low competition and high search volumes.

Generally you will find a variation of the keywords you search enter.

Once you select a few keywords, go back to your article and work them into your article.

Adding the keywords to your site is critically important to your SEO success.


SEO for Blogs: Get Your Tips Here!

Quick Tips to Add SEO Terms to your Blog


  • Include your Primary Keyword in your Headline
  • Include Your Primary Keyword in your first sentence
  • Have Your Keyword within your Meta Description
  • Include it within any images that are added to your article


Have the keyword throughout your article appearing as often as makes sense without it being “spammy”.

Most bloggers have no SEO strategy, so even a simple one will put you ahead of most!

You should watch out for needless keyword stuffing as this can negatively affect your seo performance.



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