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The Round-Up: 7 Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy

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Over the last week we came across three great content marketing articles and decided to review and share them! Check them out and let us know what you think!


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This is a good read from John Rampton the entrepreneur and founder behind, an online payments business. In his article that recently featured on he focuses on making content marketing thrive.

1. Provide Great Content and Engage with People

Rampton makes the point that on social media you have two key ways to grow your following. The first is to share insightful content on your chosen topic and the second is to simply be active in the right communities and groups. Often over looked, simply communicating with real people on social networks can generate real business.

2. Utilise Your Followers to Improve Your Business

Another great point made is how you can leverage your client’s knowledge and expertise. It’s human nature to want to help, so positioned correctly you can have your followers participate in brainstorming sessions, Q&A’s and even interviews (Pat Flynn often skypes random email subscribers to improve his online products).

3. Guest Blog in Top Publications

Finally Rampton makes the point of using guest blogging to your advantage. This will help you become known as a leader in your field. Getting published on sites such as and the Huffington Post is absolutely achievable. Reach out to top sites within your niche and you will be surprised of the success that you achieve.


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4. Don’t be on All Social Networks

Social media is often overwhelming with a lot of people adopting a “Be Everywhere” approach. In the early days that was certainly the recommended way but today there are so many social networks that the time has come to be selective. Social Quant highlight that you should pick the right social media platforms for your business.

5. Create Valuable Content, Everytime

Once you have the key networks selected, according to author Julie Sheranosher you should provide valuable content time after time. At Content Academy we echo this sentiment and even take it a step further. Don’t simply regurgitate content, create relevant “native” content for each platform. This is much easier when you select the key platforms and do them well.

6. Make Time for Content Creation

One final point made in the article that we strongly agree with is making time to create content! This is an essential component to continued success online.


 Why Your Content Marketing Needs to Be Data-Driven Read the Full Article HERE

Content Interaction from ScribbleLiveThis is an article by Ural Cebeci that will make you think. There has always been a grey area when it comes to content marketing and the actual return on investment.

[spp-tweet tweet=”In 2016, 37 percent of content marketers report having a documented content marketing strategy versus 27 percent last year”]

7. Create Content Based on What Your Audience Likes to Interact with

What I really liked about this article is how Cebeci turns it on its head. We accept that brand awareness helps improve sales, so improving this is important. Cebeci makes the connection between the TYPES of content created and HOW it is consumed. He shares the findings of a survey his company (ScribbleLive) recently conducted and outline the difference in how different groups consumed content.

Have you ever surveyed your audience to find out more about them, probably. But have you ever asked them to define the types of content they prefer, I bet not.

The article has a lot more valuable content within it and is well worth a read.




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