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Should Bloggers Automate Social Media Posting?

Should Bloggers Automate Social Media Posting?

Any Blogging automation that saves time is awesome; Automated Social Media posting certainly brings us a step closer the “DJ 3000” scenario!

Don’t Praise the Machine!

The Simpsons DJ – 3000 from Chronite on Vimeo.

Automated Social Media posting has pro’s, cons and comes at a cost. Bloggers need to look at all sides before they decide to deploy any Automated Social Media posting tools!


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Episode 060: Making the most of social “Real Estate” with Carlos Gil

Should Bloggers Automate Social Media Posting?

Automated social media posting helps bloggers become more efficient with their time. It helps bloggers share and recycle content. Bloggers then get to spend more time interacting with followers. Any blogging automation is a godsend for bloggers as it saves time, so automation for bloggers using social media is a clear win.


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Is Automated Social Media posting the Answer?

As Carlos Gill shared on episode 60 of the Content Academy Podcast, Social Media Never Sleeps.


Automated Social Media posting is a great way to serve your audience more often and is great if you work across multiple time zones. Our primary focus is Ireland, United Kingdom and the U.S.A who are 5-8 hours behind us.


Posting real-time updates in the middle of the night for our US followers isn’t realistic. In today’s world, the volume of content consumed by followers means that if you haven’t posted recently, your follower will more than likely not scroll back far enough within their timeline to find your updates!


You can reach your audience consistently


Pros for Automated Social Media Posting

• You can recycle valuable content on autopilot
• Spend more time interacting with followers
• Become More Consistent with Social Media Posting
• Reach Audiences Across Time zones


The Problems with Automated Social Media Posting

Automated Social Media posting is not the silver bullet that solves all our posting problems. It can also be a very negative for bloggers if misused. Over automation of your Social Media hurts your following because people are wise to it. Some view it as impersonal and will not engage with you.


If you promote the same content too often spamming timelines….they hit unfollow! It is important to have a large pool of content to recycle or at least have a lot of variations of text and images promoting the content.


Below are tweets that Phil recently created to promote an article on How to Create a Lead Magnet and Upgrade.

Promotional Tweet 1:


Promotional Tweet 2:

Promotional Tweet 3:


It can be hard to reply to comments in real time. If a piece of content provokes a reaction, it may be a long time before you catch it to respond. Posting and running can hurt your social media following and is sometimes unavoidable with automation. An ignored social media reply reduces the likelihood that follower is engaging again.


Nobody likes the automation of personal messages….don’t do it!! Especially the “Thanks for the Follow” style DM’s we see on Instagram and Twitter. If you want that to work for you, perhaps record a 10-second video and send it to new followers. That is the opposite of automation but wins fans!

Cons for Automated Social Media Posting

• People are wise to automated content and don’t always like it
• Too much automation becomes spammy
• Real-time responses difficult
• Automated DM’s are terrible


Recycle Old Content

The biggest benefit to automating your content is recycling evergreen content. Having to put minimal effort into promoting your previous content all year round has helped us with Content Academy.


We have used Crowdbooster, Buffer, to name but a few. The Automated Social Media posting software we settled on is Laura Roeder’s  MeetEdgar. Our Automated Social Media posting tool could change in the future, but the powerful content recycling feature is the reason that we have kept with it over the last few years.


Each social media platform has its posting etiquette. On Twitter, you can tweet the same content presented slightly differently three times per day or more. Facebook, you should only post once or twice per day, but with limited reach of posts, it is something you can test. Kevan Lee of Buffer shared their recommendations last year.


Automate Social Media Posts to recycle content


Automated Social Media Posting Helps with this Grind.

Automated Social Media posting will help you provide content to your followers consistently. When promoting your blog on social media, it is important to be consistent. Once your social media posting becomes consistent, you can focus on the other elements of successful social media posting.


Bloggers need to have the right social media platform, post at the optimal times and share platform related content. Automated social media posting of the same link across all platforms without customisation or imagination will not help your blog.


In Conclusion

Automated Social Media posting helps bloggers become more efficient with their time and spend more energy interacting with their tribe. If your blog has a lot of evergreen content to recycle throughout the year and your blog is generating income, software such as MeetEdgar is worth the investment.

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