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Blogging Tips: Simple Rules For Setting Up Your Social

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When it comes to giving blogging tips,  setting up your social media channels can be quite simple, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.


Select a username, add a picture and boom! We’re up and running.


However, there is a little bit more to it than that and I want to run through some considerations with you that we feel all social media accounts should have.




“A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet” but a social media account with a different name isn’t sweet at all, it’s confusing, so make sure you have a consistent name across all of your social sites.


The most basic of blogging tips, but again you’d be surprised at how many people fail to follow this simple tip.


Tip: Use Check User Names to see if all the right social media handles are available




Regardless of the niche or topic, your website/blog is your brand, indeed you are your brand, so we need to be consistent with our branding.


One of the best blogging tips I was ever given was to think about the overall feel of everything you produce.


What I mean is, all the images should have a similar feel to them, people need to feel comfortable that if they jump from one to the other that they know they are on the right account straight away.


So keep the colour scheme, tag line and where possible profile image the same.


I would argue that starting out it is no harm to have all of your social sites branded exactly the same.


With a tool like Snappa, this is super easy, you simply create the graphic for one network and then as Snappa to resize to the right dimensions for the others.


A great way to ensure that your profile picture is consistent is to use an automation tool like IFTTT. You can set up a “recipe” so that every time you change your Facebook profile photo, your Twitter profile photo changes, too.


Check out this recipe which will do that for you!


Headline/Tag Line


Having a short Tagline or headline that will instantly tell new visitors what you do is also advised.


Much like our tag line, “Helping Bloggers go from Obscurity to Authority”.


It’s fairly simple and it conveys what we do, we help bloggers go from unknown entities to well-known bloggers.


These taglines can be used in our bio’s/about sections.




While there are some obvious limitations to our bios depending on the platform, here are the main things we need to cover.


  • What we do
  • What the reader/viewer can expect
  • A link to our blog.


At the very least anyone who comes to any of our social media sites needs to be able to see in an instant what we do, what they can expect and a link to read more from us.


This is where our tagline can come in handy, especially on Twitter as we will be limited to 140 characters.


Also for Twitter and Instagram where users regularly use Hashtags, we suggest putting one or two of them in your bio.


That way if someone does search for those hashtags your profile is likely to show up.




As I have said above, a link to your site is important, but every now and then you may want to change the link.


With Instagram for instance, we may want to link to an article or product, so given the fact we can’t put links directly in the Instagram post, we say (link in bio) and then go and change the link in the bio to the one we want people to click.


Now Instagram has been trialling a new feature with verified accounts that will allow users to swipe up and be taken to a link, but this hasn’t been rolled out to us mear mortals just yet.


Another of the handiest blogging tips is to use a link shortener like Bitly if you are going to be changing the urls on your profile. This will condense the link into a shorter one and you can even customise the link to make it look prettier and make it more obvious what people are clicking on.




If you haven’t set up your social media profiles, go ahead and do that keeping all the considerations we have set out above in mind.


If you’re already up and running, give your social an audit. Do your profiles look and feel consistent, is there a uniformity of message, is it immediately clear what it is you do and what people can expect from you and most importantly is it very clear where the can go to find your website?

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