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Which Style is right for your next blog post?

Nevermind styles of blog post, what does having 6 Million subscribers teach you about creating content in general?


“Comfort breeds complacency, complacency breeds stagnation”

-Casey Neistat


Casey Neistat knows that comfortable is not a state that breeds growth, it’s only when we step outside that comfort zone that we begin to really grow. The same can be said for our content. Many bloggers become very comfortable with their own writing style and inevitably that content becomes a little bit stale and as a result, the growth of out blogs can begin to stagnate. 



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If the writing style has become stale for you, the blogger I think it’s fair to assume that it’ll also become stale for some readers. While we as bloggers always have objectives for our content, they can’t always be achieved by a simple call to action at the end of a blog post.


So if we, the creators want to keep it fresh for them the readers and entice our audience into taking action, we need to have different styles of articles in our arsenal.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get readers to take action on our content, even tactics that were working well less than 12 months ago are seeing diminishing returns.


However, when it comes to creating “styles” of blog posts the truth is we’re not directly asking for readers to take action, we’re simply presenting the content in a manner that appeals to the action we want, so more often than not, our audience tend to get there under their own steam.


Think about the last blog post you took action on, be it a comment, a like, a share or even an email opt-in, what “style” was it written in?


Really for us as the content creators the hard part is trying to figure out how we can create the content we know our audience want, in the style that we want.


The problem is that many bloggers don’t seem to realise or even think about the style of blog post they create they simply think about the topic. 


Now I must point out that the topic doesn’t have to change even if the styles of blog post do. So don’t think that because you writing a certain style of blog post that you can’t write about a certain topic, of course you can.


Styles of Blog Post


So which styles of blog post work best for which action?


  • “How-To”: Increase Traffic & Build Trust


  • “List”: Increase Traffic & Grows Social Sharing


  • “Story”: Build Relationships with your Readers


  • “Resources”: Social Sharing & Affiliate Income


  • “Review”: Build Trust & Showcase Your Blog to Brands


  • “Curated”: Connect You with Experts (in the eyes of your followers) and Increase Traffic


  • “Mistake”: Build Relationships with your Readers


  • “Success”: Build Trust


  • “Roundup”: Increase Traffic and exposure


I should note that these are just some of the different styles of blog post you could create, there are many more, but I think the ones listed above cover most bases.


All we have to do as bloggers are figure out what style aligns best with our “goal” or “aim” of this piece of content and go and create it.


I know it all sounds relatively simple and understated and that’s because it is. Quite often we tend to overcomplicate matters when there is no need.


So give it a try, pick an objective, then write your article in the corresponding “Style” and see how it works and remember;


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Learn to make the most of your blog in just 30 minutes a day!

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