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Super Charge Your Brand in 3 Steps

Inconsistent Bloggers without both a great story and clear benefit message don’t make money. build your blogging brand with s story that makes a connection.


To be clear, Blogs (and Bloggers) fail because they don’t have a compelling story, they can’t convey their benefits to readers in a simple message and they lack the consistency of brand across social media platforms.


They typically don’t share content consistently on those platforms either.


If you’re ready to get the basics right and open the door to opportunity then read on!


We as people connect with stories and messages, many bloggers fall at the very first hurdle because they don’t properly define these. This causes their brand to become forgettable and often mediocre.


A great story underpinned with a powerful message will bring your brand long term success.


1. What is Your Story?(People Connect with Stories)


Your Brand needs a story to connect with people. People connect with triumphs over adversity and it’s a fair bet that you can craft your own “Hero” story following the templates below.


The secret here is to keep it short, it should qualify you in the eyes of your audience and also be memorable.


It is recommended to write this out fully, then break it into 12 short points and eventually cut that down into a version that’s only a sentence or two long!


Bloggerconf Panellists Paul Caffrey and Phil McGrath of Content Academy with speaker Johnny Ward of

Bloggerconf Panellists Paul Caffrey and Phil McGrath of Content Academy with speaker Johnny Ward of


Check out Johnny Ward’s Story from


Left Ireland in 2006 broke, taught English in Thailand and Korea, travel A LOT, worked in Australia, started my blog, monetized, started more blogs, made $1m+ from my laptop, visiting every country in the world….


You can read the long version here.


Build your Blogging Brand and Write Your Own Hero Journey


It’s easier to illustrate the hero story with an actual hero. You can take Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, Peter Parker from Spider-Man or even Clarke Kent from Superman.


Their stories all connect with us because they start with an ordinary life, they get a call for adventure and refuse it. Then something dramatic happens and they leave their ordinary world and enter their “Special World”.


They suffer adversity and triumph with life changing consequences.


They master a new set of skills and have a better life as a result.


TAKE ACTION: Write Your Story as a Single Sentence of each of the 12 Steps Below

If you are struggling then please send me an email & I will reply!!


The Hero’s Journey of Luke Skywalker from


2. What’s Your Message? (hint: Focus on your Higher Level Benefit)


You may have expertise in social media, business, planning, fashion, food and the list goes on. We all have our own specific areas of expertise.


How does your knowledge and experience connect to provide a Higher Level Benefit?


Todd Herman’s “90 Day Year”


One message that I’m a big fan of is Todd Herman’s “90 Day Year”. It’s a program that helps entrepreneurs gain a year worth of success in only 90 days by following his processes & systems. It is short, simple and very catchy.


“Optimise your daily routine to make weekly actions congruent with long-term goals, prioritising and removing non-essential tasks to reach your goals faster” is an example of how his message could be butchered by buzz words.


Although it might tell me a little more about the program, having a “90 Day Year” is the higher level benefit and when everyone is really after.


Your message should be greater that the sum of its parts, remember that.


Your message needs to be short, simple and communicate your higher level benefit.


The 90 Day Year helps you get a year’s worth of goals achieved in 90 days. That is the higher level benefit.




Kimra Luna’s “Be True Brand You”


Another example of a great brand with a higher level benefit is Kimra Luna’s Be True Brand You. Kimra has appeared on the very first episode of the Content Academy podcast in 2016, you can listen to that Podcast Episode here.




“Be True Brand You”: Be a “Freedom Hacker”


Kimra teaches people seven modules on Brand Identity, Copywriting, Website & Blogging, Content Creation, Social Media, Creating Courses & Launching.


All of this get’s referenced throughout Kimra’s material, but let’s face it this is all available all over the web. Much of it is free if you had the time to spend attending free training and collating all the information out there.


The Higher Level benefit of Kimra’s signature course is you become a “Freedom Hacker”. When you build a business as a freedom hacker you focus on income generating activities first. This gives the BeTrueBrandYou graduate actual freedom if successful.


3. Consistency of your Brand (Across all Platforms)


This is simple, but most people and businesses fail with this. Your brand should be consistent ACROSS platforms and consistent ON platforms.


While running our fantasy football blog, we released weekly podcasts and sent weekly emails at a specific time on Wednesday’s and Fridays. When either was late it disrupted our momentum with our followers.


We also gained further momentum when we uninformed our brand across all platforms. This meant using the same recognisable name and style of imagery.


Recently Phil met Anouska Proettta Brandon of, her brand consistency is excellent.


Philip McGrath of Content Academy with Anouska Proetta Brandon of

Phil McGrath of Content Academy with Anouska Proetta Brandon of


Let’s check out Anouska’s brand consistency across her platforms.


Anouska’s Website:



A few things hit us on this site immediately, her Brand Anouska has a cool minimalist logo, the images suggest travel and style.


Anouska’s Instagram Account: anouskapb



Immediately in Anouska’s bio, we are greeted by her name presented in the same fashion as her minimalist logo. The images again highlight style and travel.


Also not that the images collectively match, they all have a certain theme and style of photo consistent with each other. Defining your Instagram feed helps achieve this.

Anouska’s Twitter Account: @anouskapb



Style, travel and Anouska’s minimalist logo are again on show. Also, note that her social media handle for Instagram and Twitter are the same @anouskapb (standing for Anouska Proetta Brandon)


Anouska’s YouTube Channel




And again we are greeted with minimalism, consistency of brand across platforms and as you scroll the page you see plenty of travel and style Vlogs.


Build your blogging brand on Social Media with Consistency


Pick a name that is easy to remember, is striking and can be easily shared on social media. It’s recommended to pick a name that can also be used on your social media handles too.


A.Get the Social Media Handles Right


We recommend picking the platforms that you can do well and focusing on them. A great website to check and see if your desired social handle is available on many platforms is Check User Names. This site searches all sites for you making it a little easier.




Your username cannot be longer than 15 characters. Your real name can be longer (20 characters), but usernames are kept shorter for the sake of ease.




The maximum length of a Facebook username is currently 50 characters.




Instagram usernames can only be up to 30 characters in length, and to be valid must be made up of any of the following: letters, numbers or underscores.




This platform is also 30 Characters


A logo is not essential starting out, but here are some low-cost options.


Starting out a logo is not essential. It can be very costly and time-consuming to find the right one. We recommend starting with a simple logo that is low cost. This can be achieved with websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. You set a budget and they create a logo for you.


When more budget becomes available then this can be revisited.


B. Get the Images Right


When setting up your site you could also look to outsource the creation of the images below on Upwork. It is best to create them all at the same time.

Standard image sizes for major social networks are as follows:

  • Facebook profile picture: 180×180 pixels
  • Facebook cover photo: 851×315 pixels
  • Twitter profile photo: 400×400 pixels
  • Twitter header image: 1,500×500 pixels
  • LinkedIn profile photo: 400×400 pixels minimum
  • LinkedIn custom background: between 1000×425 and 4000×4000
  • LinkedIn logo: 400×400 pixels
  • LinkedIn banner image: 646×220
  • YouTube Background: 2560 x 1440 px with a 4mb file size


C. Get the Message Consistent on All Platforms


Again most bloggers mess this up. They tend to write whatever comes into their head as they fill the available space in the “description section” of their bio’s on the various social media platforms.


We strongly recommend having a short version of your message/story and having it the same on all platforms.


Aim to have a version of your story of 150 Characters or less.


In conclusion, your blog needs a great story, a clear higher level benefit message and consistency on and across all platforms to be successful.


Bloggers complain that they don’t have time and often skip this step, skip this and mediocrity is guaranteed.




Have you got a clear message or “hero journey”? Take the time to think about your higher level benefit, what is your higher level benefit to your readers/viewers?


Build your blogging brand and give your site and social a brand audit. Is it clear that each account belongs to you? Is there consistency of message? Have you used the most of the bio space available to you?


Head over to and design some new header images for your social accounts, using the “resize” function to create the same image for each platform.

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