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The Surprising Secret to Better Execution

There is too much great content online.


It leads to overwhelm and inaction……endless planning, study and research.


The challenge is to identify what will move your business forward. What will turn the needle? What will bring you your next win?


Find the leading expertise and actionable advice to help you execute that next step. Be specific and stay focused.


Peter Voogd, Lindsay Padilla, Phil McGrath, Paul Caffrey, Brendan Shaub, Todd Herman


Recently I discovered Todd Herman when Lindsay Padilla (if you are creating an online course check her out!) mentioned him on episode 33 of the Content Academy podcast.


I watched one of his videos and couldn’t believe that I wasn’t aware of him. His content and ideas seem great so I look forward to working through more of his content over the coming weeks as that is what Content Academy needs today. This man has helped Olympians, Business leaders and Real Madrid achieve high performance.


At the same time we decided to launch Content Academy in 2015 I discovered Peter Voogd and listened to his book 6 Months to 6 Figures.


It is a great book and one that I have read again recently. This book is full of great ideas that are very actionable. It helps you get focused, identify your goals and take action. Which is very important when you enter into a new project.


One idea that resonates (from Peter Voogd) is the idea of mastery vs mass consumption. Most people consume too much content, suffer overwhelm and never implement.


If this describes you, don’t feel bad because you can change.


We recommend that you select a few key areas of your life or your business to improve. Then pick a 1-2 experts to follow and implement their ideas.


Implementation is needed for you to reach your goals. Too many people talk about their dreams and goals but never actually implement anything.


We obviously are hoping that you pick us as your go to guys for crafting great content. Our message is that to be successful online you need to create great content.


With great content you build a following that allows you to create great products and sell them successfully with little to no marketing spend.


If you don’t follow us, then take this message and follow the experts that you need to follow now and implement their teachings to get business wins.


You also need to make sure you don’t get “honey dicked” as Brendan Shaub (big fan of the Fighter and the Kid Podcast) would say. It is easy to get carried away with the great talkers that don’t provide actionable information. Shaub is a prime example of someone who takes action going from the UFC to being a leading podcaster and upcoming comedian.


Make sure you follow the experts with actionable content that you need today AND EXECUTE!.

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