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The Right Niche?

the right niche?

When it comes to starting a blog, how do you know if it’s the right topic for you? How do you find the right niche?


I mean, there are any number of things you could start a blog about, is this really the topic/niche for you?


It’s a valid question and one we encourage you to really think about seriously before you start your blog.


Of course, the topic of your blog can always change and evolve, but your brand, your name, your social handles are not so easy to change, especially once you have become somewhat established or known in a niche.


Really there are three main considerations when it comes to starting a blog and we’ve listed them below for you to go through.


I know they may seem relatively easy questions to answer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to truly think about what you are starting.


1. Are You Passionate About Your Topic?


There is no replacement for passion, people are drawn towards it. It is important to like the topic that you have chosen to blog about. This is essential to help you find the right niche.


You must like (or preferably love) your chosen blogging topic. No matter how successful you become in the future you will have some difficult times blogging.


The more you like your chosen blogging topic, the easier it will be to continue through the tough times. The more passion you have for your topic, the easier it will be for your audience to consume your content.


Tip: Check if your Passionate about your Topic, Ask Yourself:



2. Are Others Making Money within the Niche?


We are hoping the answer is YES! Others making money within your niche is great news.


Don’t worry about the competition, your personality and tilt on the topic will help you differentiate yourself.


At a later stage, we will establish what exactly your competition are doing to build their following and make money online.


We will be looking at the most successful elements of their blogs and also look to identify possible gaps within the niche.


Tip: List the Top 5 Influencers with your niche and their key source of income


3. Be Authentic


There are many factors that will determine if your new blog will be a success. Authenticity is the most important. Making connections with people is the key to successful blogging.


The best way to make that valuable connection is to be real, be yourself. If you put on an act or a façade you struggle to build a following.


Don’t be perfect, there is no such thing! Crafting the perfect piece of content is impossible and as perfection is unachievable, it is disingenuous to try to attain perfection.


You can even go as far as to share vulnerabilities if you feel that it will help you connect on a deeper level with your audience.


Tip: Be Real, if you have never been to Paris fashion week don’t insinuate that you have attended with vague stories within your blog post.



Really think about whether this is the topic for you. Is this something you will be happy to talk about day in day out for the foreseeable future.


Ask yourself:


Is this the right niche? Am I passionate about it? Who are the main influencers and are they making money? Am I happy to genuinely put myself out there?


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