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Twitter doesn’t need to be like pulling teeth, not when you do it our way!

As we have said time and time again on the site and especially over on the podcast, there seems to be a culture among online marketers and bloggers where by the creation of content gets much of the focus and the promotion gets very little consideration.


Now one of the main reasons that we hear in counter argument when it comes to the question as to why a piece of content has not been promoted to it’s fullest, is that “its time consuming”.


Well yes that is true it can be time consuming to promote content you have created, but my counter argument to that is very simple:


What is the point in creating content if you are not going to tell people it is out there. You can have the best content in the world, but if you do not take the time to let people know it is there, no one will see it.


So in an attempt to try and take some of the pain out of the promotion side of your content, I am going to walk you through some of the easiest ways to promote your content better over the coming days and weeks


Of course there is always going to be the issue as to which social platforms will work best for different niches, but throughout my many years of content creation and promotion there are a number, which remain constant, Twitter and Facebook.


So I am going to kick off with a look at just some ways at which you can use Twitter to better promote your content.



Twitter Automation Strategy

There are any number of available pieces of software out there that can help you automate your Twitter promotion strategy, from Hootsuite, Crowdbooster, SocialOomph and TweetDeck to name but a few and while I have to admit that I have only really used Crowdbooster before, all of them seem to do pretty much the same job.


Of course that is depending on whether or not you are willing to pay for the added extras that come with many of them.


For us here at Content Academy, we use Buffer, there is no particular reason to this, it’s just what we are comfortable using. So that said I am going to focus on Buffer.


Like many of the Social Automation programmes out there, Buffer operates on a “Freemium” model, where by you can add two social platforms for free and begin to work away.


Now lets be honest, it is not rocket science when it comes to using Buffer and I am not going to break into a full “How To” when it comes to using it, but what I will show you is, just how easy it is to put your twitter game on auto pilot with very little work.



Once you have Buffer set up and connected to your twitter account you can check out the “Content” page of your dashboard, which will look like this:


Buffer Dashboard


Once we click on the schedule button we will be taken to a page, where we can then begin to plan out what our Twitter automation frequency might look like.


Buffer Scheduling options

As you can see down at the bottom of the page there is an option to let Buffer optimize your schedule for you, so go ahead and let them, simply click on the “Try our optimal timing tool”.


Once we click on that, we will be presented with the screen you see below, now if we look up at the screen above, it lists out five times that our tweets will go out a day, but we do not think that just five tweets a day is enough, after all we are banking on the fact that our followers will not only be looking at twitter at the time the tweet goes out, but also that they will notice it among the hundreds, if not thousands of other tweets from everyone else that they follow.


So what we went ahead and did was change that to a minimum of 10 tweets a day, now lets not get bogged down on what those tweets are going to say at this point in time, but 10 as far as we are concerned is the minimum number of tweets you should be sending out a day.


Optimal scheudling tool

And all we do from here is simply hit “Calculate times”. As you can see below Buffer has given us a helpful graph showing when are the best times for us to tweet, while you can take the time to have a closer look, I don’t think there is really much point, after all we want to do this as quick as possible, so what we do now is click on “replace existing schedule”.


Optimal times
Now when we go back to the schedule tab on our dashboard we should have 10 times mapped out for us everyday. These will be the times at which we will be tweeting.

New posting times for twitter

Now not only do we  have plenty of times blocked off for which to send tweets, but buffer has taken care of exactly when they should go out, so all we have to do is compose some tweets.


This is of course where many of the people we spoke with tend to suffer, but really when we looked at what they were doing, the truth was that they were making it far more difficult than it needed to be, so here is how we make twitter super easy and never get stuck for words or tweets!


Promote new content


The headline says it all really, if you have some fresh new content that you want your followers to know about then this is a great place to start. Simply compose a tweet incorporating the headline of you article along with the link and buffer will pull the article image for you to also attach.


This should go out anything up to five times in that day, but in order to make it a little less robotic and mundane, why not do what we do and pull out a quote from the piece and tweet that along with the link and an image, like the one we have below!


So really that should take care of up to five of our 10 tweets that are due to go out that day, so we are already half way there!


Tweet Older Content

Again this is very simple and if you begin to do as we suggest above, then you can very easily go into your analytics on your buffer dashboard, see which ones have resinated the most with your twitter followers and re-buffer them.


    As we can see buffer has told us this is a top tweet and one that has been retweeted, liked and had a big potential audience, so we can go ahead and chose that one to “re-buffer”. This will automatically add it to our schedule and the beauty of this is that we can do that for as many previous tweets as we like, but for the sake of this example we will assume that we have only picked two. Now we only have 3 tweets left to fill for the day.

Ask a Question!


The whole idea of Social Media and Twitter is that it can be interactive, so use it that way. Get to know your followers, ask questions. This is not only a way of letting your followers know that you are there and trying to engage with them, but if it is done right, then it can also be used to help you come up with some great content ideas for the future.


So ask your follows, “what are you struggling with at the moment when it comes to (insert topic)”. This way you can try and help them out there and then, but judging by the responses that you get, you may see a theme developing with the answers, which could lend it’s self to your next piece of content. Do this twice a day, in fact we argue that you should set the question to go out twice a day, so if you have two questions, then that is four tweets that can be scheduled.


Which takes you over the line in terms of the 10 tweets that we wanted to put out that day and you still haven’t re-tweeted other people’s content that you found to be interesting, which you feel you audience should see.


So there you have it, a quick and easy way to get your twitter game on point and running in the background while you go about creating even more great content.

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