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15 Types of Email to Send to Your Email List

types of email to send your email list

For bloggers when it comes to setting up an email list one of the biggest objections we hear is that they’ve no idea what types of email to send to their email list.


Even if you know that starting an email list is the best thing in the world you can do right now for your blog the big question is:


Do you know what types of email to send your email list?


Most bloggers start out with no idea what types of email to send people who were on their email list and of course the problem is when you don’t know what to do, you do nothing.


Inaction leads people to forget that even signed up for your email list in the first place, so when you do eventually get around to sending out some emails, people have no idea who you are and unsubscribe.


For me, I’m a big fan of the figure it out as you go approach so I will never let the fact that I’m not sure what to do stop me from actually doing it.


I think the important thing to remember at this point is that there is no hard and fast rule as to what type of email you should send and when you should send them.


While every niche, topic and blog are different the idea behind the email content is still the same. To build a relationship with your subscribers and to provide value to them at every opportunity.


If like so many of the bloggers we spoke to,  you haven’t got a clue as to what type of email to send to your list then this one is for you.


Types of Email to Send Your Email List


Here are my favourite types of email to send to our list. All of these will work for any topic, niche and blog. Having a good mix of these as part of your email strategy is a great way of keeping it fresh for your subscribers.


Welcome Email

It’s pretty self-explanatory. The “Welcome” email is the first email they’ll receive from you once they sign up to your list. This is where they’ll form their first impressions of you, your blog and your band, so make it a good one.


It doesn’t have to be “war and peace” in fact the shorter, the better. This email should just be a quick thank you and a brief outline of what they can expect and also what they should do now. So having a call to action in there is advised.


Expectations Email


Some bloggers will choose to cover this in their “welcome” email, and that’s fine. But we think you’re better off setting brief expectations in your welcome email and then a day or two later sending them a more in detail mail about what they can expect from you.


This email only needs to include things like;


  • The types of email they’ll get
  • When and how often you’ll mail them
  • What they’ll get for being on your list (any bonus content or offers)
  • A call to add your email address to their contacts (this helps us avoid the spam folder)


One of the biggest reason we recommend you send this email is accountability. If you tell someone that they’re going to get an email every Friday morning, you’re far more likely to stick to it as opposed to just telling them they’ll get an email once a week.


This lack of exact detail makes it easier to put it on the long finger, and it also makes it harder for the subscriber to get excited about it.


Newsletter Email


Now that we’ve got the housekeeping out of the way, we can get down to sending actual emails. One of the easiest emails to send to your list is a weekly update or “Newsletter”.


You’ll see this done quite a lot by bloggers. They’ll send out a weekly email including the latest and greatest new pieces of content or indeed any promotions they have going on at that time.


We recommend that every blogger should start with the “Newsletter” email. It’s a great way of getting into the habit of communicating with your audience. Plus it removes the excuses. If you know what your sending, there is no reason not to send it.


If you decided I’ll only send an email when I’ve something to say, well you may never send an email. Having this style of email go out is also a great way of keeping accountable to your content schedule.


After all, if you don’t write and publish that article or record that video or podcast what are you going to put in your email?


Gift Email


SURPRISE YOUR EMAIL LISTEveryone loves a surprise from time to time, and your list is no different. You can put together a little digital gift. It doesn’t have to be a large present; it can be a small guide or a how-to video. If you have products or services, you could offer one for free or a free trial.


It could even be a checklist for them to download that accompanies a recent blog post or video. The idea here is to surprise and delight them and also remind them why it’s a good idea to stay subscribed to your list.


Resources Email


Even if your blog only has a small following, you can be sure that your readers and followers are wondering what you use to create that graphic, or what camera you used to take that picture or record that video.


Maybe they want to know where you bought that gym gear or even something as simple as what site you use to find cheap flights or accommodation.


We all have little resources that we go to when it comes to our blog or niche, so feel free to share them with your list people love to know what others are doing.


Behind the Scenes


We are constantly trying to build relationships with our readers, but if all they see is the rehearsed and polished version of us, it makes it harder for them to connect with us.


Sending them a “behind the scenes” email is a great way of giving them insight into your life and personality. Now if you’re not comfortable with sharing too much, you can incorporate a small part of this into you “newsletter” email by merely referencing what you’ve been up to over the last week.


Success/Failure Email


We as bloggers and vloggers are always testing and experimenting with different tech, content, sites, services, etc. So share these tests with your audience.


If you’ve bought something that was a complete failure tell them about it. Maybe you tried to get fancy with a piece of editing software, spent four hours playing with it and ended up with nothing to show for your time, tell them about that too.


We can all relate to that ambitious plan that fell flat on its face. Likewise, we all love a success story. Have you found a new way of doing something, have you discovered a way of saving time without sacrificing results?


Share these failures and successes with your list.


Exclusive Blog Content


EXCLUSIVEWe can create blog content that only our list have access to. Being able to do this every once in a while is a great way of thanking our subscribers for being on our list. It also adds to the perception of value that comes with being on our list.


Also if you’re looking to get more people on your list, which you should always be trying to do, announce on your social profile that you’ve got exclusive content going out on your email and a link to sign up.


The fear of missing out will kick in for those who have yet to subscribe, and you’ll get a nice bump in sign-ups.


News & Offers


There probably isn’t much explanation needed here either. If you’ve any major news, maybe an upcoming trip or collaboration you can share that with your list.


Also if you’ve got any special offers on your products or services or even affiliate offers, then you can send them out to your list.


The one thing I will say is that if you send an email with “offers” or “specials” every week, they begin to lose their appeal so be selective about which offers you do send out to your list. Maybe some “deals” or “specials” should only go out on social?


Cross Platform Promotion


Email is a great way of getting social media followers. But rather than just banging out an email saying “follow me” why not send an email talking about something that happened on your social profile or even just changes you made to your profile.


The idea here is to give a little insight into what goes on over on your social profile so that people will want to check it out. It could be as simple as;


“You won’t believe the message I got on my facebook page….”.


Then just link to that Facebook post, people will click over and check it out, and again they’ll “like” the page while they’re there if they haven’t already.


This also works with comments on your blog. By mentioning some of the comments you have got and linking to them, people become aware that they can comment on your blog and that you do see them and reply.


Helping Hand Email


HELP YOUR LISTWhat can you do for your audience? If you’re not sure how best to serve them with your content, ask! Send out an email and ask, “What do you need from me?”


It’s a great way of providing value to them and also getting some great ideas for content for your blog or vlog. Again it also builds relationships with readers and reinforces the fact that staying subscribed is a good idea.


Archived Content


Not everyone will have seen some of our best content. Quite often some of the best pieces we’ve published will be buried in our archives. So dust them off and send them out from time to time.


If you’re talking about a topic and have related content in your archives, then let your list know about it. They signed up to get valuable content from you so don’t hide it in the deep dark recesses of your blog, tell them about it.


Hype Email


Are you working on an epic piece of content? Tell your list about it. Explain that you’re working on some new stuff and give them a flavour of what to expect.


Tell them the publication or launch date if it’s a product and maybe ask for their input on the subject. Like, “what would you like to know about X”.


Then when it goes live you can let them know, it builds anticipation and makes it somewhat of an event.


Not something we recommend for every blog post or video, but for something truly unique, then it’s an excellent way to build anticipation.


Guess What Email


guess whatNot everything needs to be planned. Sometimes we just come across something and think this would be useful to my list. Maybe you’ve just noticed a company is having a sale, or there has just been a new event announced, if so tell them about it.


The beauty of this one is that you can tell them “hey just saw this and thought of you” with a link to the details.


The email can be that short; it’s just a quick by the by.


Help Me


Having an email list at your disposal can also be a great resource for you. Are you looking for something related to your topic or niche? Then ask your list.


Fell free to reach out from time to time and ask them to help you, either with a recommendation or perhaps you need them to vote for you in a competition, or maybe you’d like some reviews on a book, app or podcast, then just reach out and ask.


If you’ve been providing value to your list and built up a relationship with them, they’ll help you out. So don’t feel that every email has to be for solely for your audience, the odd one can be for you!


Just Start


There are plenty of ideas there to get you going with your email list. So you no longer have the excuse of not know what to send. You can email about anything.



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And if you’re still not sure, leave a comment below and let us know “What’s stopping you?”


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