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What is your current Content Strategy?

What is Your Content Strategy?

What is your current Content Strategy? How consistent are you at producing new content for your audience? Have you got a set of “Call to Actions” (CTA’s) for everything you release? Do you want to exponentially grow your online business?


I admit it is unusual to start an article with so many questions on complex topics. The reason for including them is simple, everyone wants to improve their online business but most don’t know where to start.


When talking to clients these are the initial questions we ask. Why? Because the answers form the starting point to help online business owners radically improve their online business.


Most Online Business owners spend too much time researching, planning and never actually executing! This is an easy rut to get into as there is so much excellent content available online, and most of it is free!


So let me ask you again, Do you want to exponentially grow your online business? If the answer is “YES”, keep reading. If not, thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your ongoing research!


Content Strategy: What is the Big Secret?



Create One Piece of New Content EVERYDAY! (This is not restricted to only blogging, all content counts! At Content Academy we release Podcasts, Articles and Email’s on a daily basis).


Using that as the basis of your content strategy will get you on the road to success.


As you read this, please do not swear too profusely, I can hear a collective “F**k that”.


My response to you is two-fold:

1. A Content Strategy (creating one piece of content daily) is NOT as difficult as you think.

2. A Content Strategy (creating one piece of content daily) WILL Exponentially Grow Your Online Business.


Lets dig a little deeper, how will this Content Strategy Tangibly improve your online business?


Content Strategy = More Free “Eyeballs” = Larger Sales Funnels = More Profitable Online Business

The Benefits of a Daily Content Strategy Everyday for your Website


Let’s start with blogging, producing more articles for your online business blog with give you three key benefits.


1. Daily Content Strategy = Frequent Indexing

Although we focus on Google a lot due to its search engine Market Share, all search engines massively favour websites with regular content. The search engine “bots” are constantly crawling websites, therefore fresh content will allow your website to rank higher in google search results.


2. Daily Content Strategy = More Keywords = More Business


When you produce more and more content, you naturally produce more and more keywords for your online business to be found. These additional keywords become new routes to your business for new potential visitors, who in turn can become followers and eventually customers.


Along with ranking higher for targeted keywords, you will also start ranking for low competition Long Tail keywords that can boost organic traffic numbers massively.


3. Daily Content Strategy = Higher Authority Potential


We are all striving to be the leading authorities in the various niches that we target. Producing fresh content on a regular basis can significantly increase your Authority within your niche. As your website gets more views, it will get more shares on the various social media platforms too. If you send an email to your list, the click through back to your website will give your online business a significant social proof boost. This will really increase the organic traffic arriving to your site.



The Benefits of a Daily Content Strategy for You


The quality of your content will get better. This will enable you to better serve your audience, who will in turn better serve you when you release online products for them.


Create and keep Creating, you get better at it.”

Kimra Luna, Episode 001 of The Content.Academy Podcast

If you are concerned at not being able to produce enough new content then you simply need to follow Gary Vaynerchuck’s advice for prospective online business owners getting started.


“List 50 Possible Articles to write for your online business before you get started”

Gary Vaynerchuck, Quote from Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

If you can’t do this, then you need to take a hard look at the niche you are pursuing as it may not be the right one for you.


“As you get better at producing content for your audience, your ability to monetise your online business will improve too.”

Paul Caffrey, Co-Founder of Content Academy


One tip for this is to setup a notebook in the cloud (OneNote or Evernote are great) that you can access on your smartphone and brainstorm possible topics. Then simply list the article titles you come up with. As they are cloud based systems you can update them on the go, making it easy to capture new idea’s for future articles. At Content Academy, all articles written by myself begin life as one line ideas recorded on OneNote on my iPhone.


“If you write one page everyday, in two months you will have written a book, chunk it down”

Mark Lack, Episode 014 of The Content.Academy Podcast (Coming Soon!)

What is Stopping you from Producing Content Everyday?


Our clients consistently outline the same three challenges when looking to produce more regular content.

“But I Don’t Have the Time to Produce More Content”


We all have busy lives, some of us have a full time career and our online business is a second business. For others the commitments of family life take a lot of time. I faced all of these challenges over the last few years including completing a part-time Masters in Business Management and two actions helped me create the time I needed to produce extra content.


1. Have No Time?? Read “The Miracle Morning: 6 Habits that will transform your life before 8am by Hal Elrod.”


If you didn’t swear earlier, I bet you did now “before 8am, F**k that!”. Let me caveat this by saying that I am not a morning person. This book motivated me to get up earlier. With the additional time and motivation, I focused on my personal development, exercise and writing.


Since reading the book in 2013, I have stopped getting up early due to the fact that I became more successful at managing my life and found the time to work on reaching my goals without needing to wake so early.


“Your rate of Success will seldom exceed your personal development”

Hal Elrod, Author of “The Miracle Morning: 6 Habits that will transform your life before 8am


Now that said, the principles of this book are great. So even if you will never get up early, you can customise Hal Elrod’s recommendations and fit them into your routine. You could even turn his idea on its head and have a Miracle Night! (Although I think you should give it a different name! especially before sharing it with your friends!)


How do you expect to produce more content without scheduling time to create it in your calendar?


If you don’t manage your time with a calendar, you are not alone but you need to start ASAP!


“I Will Write More Content……but it never happens.”


There is one simple fix to this problem. You need to have a calendar that captures all of your work and social commitments. Again have it in the cloud (I use my free calendar and sync it to my professional work email account).


We all have social lives (I Hope!), or at least we all have time in the week where we will relax (my current fave is “Netflix & Chill” watching HomeLand – great show if you have not checked it out!)


I schedule time to complete writing and that is my only priority when that time arrives . Email gets turned off, Social Media gets ignored and I don’t even answer the phone unless its my better half calling! I will not sacrifice my writing time unless my apartment is on fire or someone is dying.


You need to make commitments to yourself and stick to them. You must have your own priorities. Email in your inbox is simply someone else’s priority, they are trying to rob you of your time and focus it on their priorities. This sounds malicious, it isn’t. Turn Everything Off and FOCUS!


Time for the Actionable Tips to Help You Create New Content Everyday!


I really like the mantra that facebook have when it comes to improving their service. “Done is better than perfect” the the phrase that Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg shared with Charlie Rose during an interview a few years ago.


“Done is better than perfect”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook


This is a great outlook to have when producing a lot of content. Don’t be afraid to get something published as spending too much time perfecting it is a waste. The extra time will really produce diminishing returns and the time spent won’t produce an equivalent increase in value for your reader. They would be better served if your spent the extra time producing more content for them. It can be paid content, not everything has to be free.


“Your Content doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be good”

Kimra Luna, Episode 001 of The Content.Academy Podcast

Friend of Content Academy, Kimra Luna has a similar viewpoint and is herself an extremely successful million dollar online business owner. On the first episode of the content Academy Podcast she shared the pearl of wisdom that your content doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be good.


This is very important as just producing “Dog Shit Content” will hurt your brand and ultimately your business. If your content isn’t good, then don’t release it. A good way to measure this is to ask how does this content help my audience?”


Use a Template to Produce Consistent Content


You can make your content more consistent by having a structured list of questions that your content answers. Mark Asquith from Excellence Expected shared his process for this in Episode 003 of the Content Academy Podcast.  He listed three questions that he wanted to answer for his audience when writing articles.


  • Define the Problem
  • Challenge the Problem
  • Conquer the Problem


You can opt to include the questions that you plan to answer in your post, or elect to omit them. Their omission from the article can afford you a little more freedom. You can simply answer the questions on your selected template and remove them at the end just before you publish the article.

My colleague and fellow Co Founder of Content Academy Phil McGrath has a similar method that he uses for producing online content. His template is below:


  • What are you trying to teach or explain?


  • What is the point of the article, so if we are trying to change a common misconception then this is the point?


  • Likewise if we are teaching, then the aim is to have the reader understand how to do X by the end of the article?


  • What is the journey like for the readers?


  • Headline


  • Introduction


  • The common misconception or why doing X is going to benefit the reader


  • Some of the big problems we see when they stick to one way of doing things or when they do not do what we are going to tell them.


  • Tell them why their belief is wrong (be nice about it) or begin to teach.


  • Break it down into three or four line paragraphs


  • Try give some sort of homework or include a “to do” section, which can simply be, “why not go and try X or sign up for Y and play around with it.


  • Recap on why they are doing it and the benefit to them


  • Call to action at the end.


  • The editing at this point will take over and will make any sub headlines very clear and also point out where the natural breaks in the article should be.


  • Revisit the headline and intro after this and ensure that they live up to the article and vice versa.


  • Big question at the end, Did I achieve my objective with this article, will the reader get what I intended them to get from it?


 Use Themes to Solve Problems in Your Audience’s Voice


When you are writing for your audience, using themes can be a great way to battle writers block. A theme allows you to stay on topic and always gives you something to write about. The theme of this article is “Your Content Creation Strategy”. Following this theme allows me to stay on topic and provide useful information for readers (Are You Finding this Useful Content?).


“Give your content a theme to help defeat writers block”

Erica Duran, Episode 005 of The Content.Academy Podcast


Recently myself and Phil spoke to Erica Duran about her content creation strategy and she outlined how she uses themes to battle writers block. This is your biggest adversary when it comes to producing content everyday.


Every online business and more importantly the business owner, has expert knowledge that is valuable to someone else. Mark Asquith shared with us that you need to look at your expertise and understand how it overlaps and solves problems that your audience have. This, in essence is what business is all about. Providing products or services that create value for both parties.


“Figure out the intersection of your knowledge & your customers problems”

Mark Asquith, Episode 003 of The Content.Academy Podcast

We took this process a step further with Kimra Luna who alluded to an idea that I first came across in The 4 Hour Work week by Tim Ferris. You need to understand your prospective audiences challenges and communicate with them as one of their tribe in their voice.


Perhaps the best example of this is Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness movement. His blog helps Nerds to get fit. He uses comic book methaphors and his massive following (members of the Rebellion – an underground group that Star Wars referred to in their films as loose network of rebel cells that operated across the galaxy in opposition to the rule of the Galactic Empire).


He understands his followers and they feel understood by Steve and his Nerd Fitness business. He is specific and has “Niche’d Down” as John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire puts it. This Four Hour Body logic has helped Steve Kamb achieve success with his online business that many can only dream about.


“If you are writing content for a prospective audience, you must understand their challenges and language they use in order to relate to them to make a connection.”

Kimra Luna, Episode 001 of The Content.Academy Podcast


Kimra Luna focuses in helping women get into online business and call’s them Freedom Hackers, although more and more men are now joining this group. This is an exciting development and something we at Content Academy are keeping our eyes on.


“You need to get to the point without sacrificing your personality”

Mark Asquith,Episode 003 of The Content.Academy Podcast

If you can write in your audiences voice, it will make it easier to create everyday content. You will have more focus and along with the aforementioned templates you have everything you need to start producing more content which is even more effective.


Use an Editorial Calendar to Keep Your Content Strategy On Track


When you are producing more content, it is easy to get distracted and not stay on point. At Content Academy everything we create is planned in advanced using an Editorial Calendar. Content is planned to be released Everyday!


Here is your Call To Action Guys! Download your free Editorial Calendar Now!

Click Here to Get Your Editorial Calendar NOW

Use an Editorial Calendar for your Content Strategy

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