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What makes a good Instagram Bio?

Having already looked at how posting images from Instagram to your Facebook Page can increase engagement by 23%, we have decided to take a closer look at Instagram itself. Now if you are not on Instagram, you really should be and over the next few days we are going to dig a little deeper into this highly visual platform and give you some great tips that will help you master it in no time. Today I want to look at what makes a good Instagram Bio?


Instagram is without doubt one of the most important social networks at the moment with over 400 million monthly active users. That is a hell of a lot of eye balls that you are missing out on if you are not active on the platform. With all of the major brands and influencers harnessing the power of the photo based social network, it’s time that you upped your game!


What makes a good Instagram Bio


There are a number of key elements to a good Instagram bio. While the amount of information you can provide in the bio is limited, there are a number of ways to optimise this. So with that in mind here are a number of key tips to help you make the most of your Instagram bio.


Keep Your Instagram Name Consistent With Your Brand


This is key.If you are already active on a number of other Social Media sites, then be sure to tie your Instagram account name in with those on the other platforms. This may not always be possible, where another account already has the username you want. However, be creative if that is the case. Take some time to think about it.


Maybe you will need to use a prefix or just a full stop in-between words, but try and keep it as close to the rest of your accounts as possible. This way users who follow you on other platforms will know that it is definitely your account.


Use Your Brand/Website Logo


Again this may seem like a simple peace of advice, but it can sometimes be ignored. If you are active on multiple Social Media platforms, use the same logo where possible. Much like selecting the right username, your logo will reassure people who have migrated from different platforms that they are following the right one.


Use Hashtags in Your Bio


Hashtags are a major part of Instagram. With millions of users preforming searches by way of hashtags, you want your profile to be discoverable through this search. So when it comes to writing your bio and giving them a bit of information about you or your business, put in relevant hashtags.


As you can see from our Instagram bio below, we have included #BloggingTips. This way anyone searching Instagram for #BloggingTips will hopefully come across our page.


What makes a good instagram bio


Use Emoji’s In Your Bio


Emoji’s are another major part of Instagram, all the cool kids are using them. They are also eye-catching. So again as you can see we have used emoji’s to highlight keywords and make it easier for them to see what we are about.  We have also used an emoji to point people (literally) to our website URL.


If you want to lay out you bio in list form like we have done, then simply type it out in a word or note document and then copy and paste it across onto Instagram. Once you have done this you can then add all the emoji’s you want!


Link To Your Website


As you can not put direct links into Instagram post, we are reliant on our bio to give our followers an easy way to click through onto our website, so be sure to include it. You would be surprised at how many rookie accounts we have seen that have not taken the time to include a link.


For those of you who really want to know how much traffic Instagram is really driving to your website (and everyone should want to know), use a link shortener like Bitly or Tiny Url to shorten your web address. This will not only help with keeping it concise, but you can also track the amount of clicks it is sending through to your website.


Also, don’t be afraid to change the URL every now and then, use it to direct people to your best content, or if you are promoting a new piece of content, change the URL to direct people to it.


There you have as far as we are concerned, this is what makes a good Instagram bio. Think we have left something out? Leave a comment below and let us know what is working for you at the moment.



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