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Will Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat?

Snapchat is Dead, Long Live Instagram?  Will Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat? That is indeed the question.


But before I get to that, can you hear the collective grown?


“Great now I have another new feature to get to grips with!” they say


Yup, that is most likely what everyone has been saying over the course of the last 24 hours since the release of Instagram Stories.


However, having spent some time playing around with the new “Stories” feature it strikes me as very and I mean very similar to that of Snapchat stories.


So really for those who have not been using Snapchat, then yes you will have to get to grips with a new form of social media story telling, but for those addicted to Snapchat, it will be business as usual.


Just on a different platform.


The big question that a number of people have asked me since the release of Instagram Stories is, whether I think that this latest update will threaten the existence of Snapchat?


Will Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat?


Instagram storiesWhile it is hard to say for sure, it certainly puts Snapchat on shaky ground. However let us not forget that Instagram was already killing it in terms of daily active users with an impressive 300m+ compared to 100m for Snapchat.


Of course the two were never really in direct competition given the differing features, but with Instagram C.E.O Kevin Systrom stating that Snapchat “deserves all the credit” for the way in which the Facebook sister company has adopted stories, adding:



“When you are an innovator, that’s awesome. Just like Instagram deserves all the credit for bringing filters to the forefront. This isn’t about who invented something. This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”


Given the comments from the Instagram C.E.O, it would certainly seem as though Instagram is gunning for Snapchat.


There is one shinning light for Snapchat however, their user base is slightly younger than that of the Instagram demographic and while both are of course maturing as the platforms evolve, it will be Snapchat’s “hip to the beat”, “for the kids” attitude that could well see them flourish regardless of what Instagram do.

Let us not forget, this is the fourth attempt Instagram has made at a Snapchat style update. With  Poke, Instagram Direct and Slingshot all failing to have any great impact on the platform.


No other Social Media platform has refined and updated more than Snapchat since it’s inception. The team over at Snapchat HQ understand the power of innovation and while everyone will be wondering if Snapchat will disappear just like it’s stories, I for one am excited to see what the little white ghost comes up with next.


I think that those users who are very much in love with the disappearing ghost will stick to it. I can see the teens and even those in their early 20’s sticking to Snapchat.


However for those of us a bit older, especially those who were using Snapchat as a marketing tool, the switch to Instagram makes sense. I could have swore I head a rather large sigh of relief from one or two big name content marketers who had feared they would have to give in and jump on the snap bandwagon, I am looking at you Amy Porterfield!


But just in case I am wrong, please follow us on Instagram lol


Will Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat?

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