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How to Write a Blog that Actually Reaches 1 Million Hits

How to Write a Blog that Gets a Million VisitorsYou need a solid blogging process to reach 1 million page views.

In this article we show you how to write a blog that reaches 1 million page views by setting deadlines, pre planning topics, conducting research and writing everyday.


When sitting down to start blogging, many online business owners fall into the trap of not actually writing!


They spend time trying to come up with ideas of what to write and before they know it their window to write has closed and they are onto the next task they have to do.


We have been blogging since 2008 and from 2011 to 2014 with some lucrative contracts in place were producing up to 14 pieces of original content per day.


Operating at this level meant we could not afford to lose time “thinking” about what to write.


We have a writing process which has been perfected that is easily replicated. This process has helped one of our other online businesses get over 1 million hits in three months.



4 Tips on How to Write a Blog that Reaches 1 million pageviews (We Managed this in 3 Months)


How to write a blog that actually reaches 1 million hits


 How to Write a Blog that Reaches 1 Million Page Views Tip 1: Set a Deadline




If you are creating content for your own blog, then it is easy to be complacent with deadlines for content.


You may decide to “skip a week” as you don’t want to serve your audience substandard content just to meet an “unimportant” self-made deadline.


This will cause your blog to fail! Too often we have seen good blogs become inconsistent and lose followers. Once Momentum is lost it is very difficult to get it back.


The first tip to reaching 10 million blog hits is to set deadlines. If you are going to release two new blog posts a week, send an email to followers and release a podcast then you should set a deadline.


An editorial calendar helps, but this can be as simple as every Tuesday and Friday at 8am I will publish a new blog article.



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How to Write a Blog that Reaches 1 Million Page Views Tip 2: Have 50 Writing Topics Pre-Planned




This is another essential tip. Gary Vaynerchuk is an advocate of planning content in advance. He recommends having at least 50 possible blog ideas to write.


This is not as difficult as you imagine, you simply need to spend a few hours mind mapping content ideas.


You can also ask your followers or the followers or other personalities within your niche “What they are struggling with?”. We have more tips about this approach here.


After that if further inspiration is needed then you can also look at social media comments, content on Pinterest within your niche, search forums and check content syndicators like Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.


If you cant come up with 50 ideas for Blog topics to write, you are in the wrong niche. It may be difficult to hear, but you will more than likely need to pick another niche to work in





How to Write a Blog that Reaches 1 Million Page Views Tip 3: Research




I store all my blog post ideas within OneNote and set time in my calendar to research the topics.


I sketch out my ideas on the topic, possible headlines and sub headings. I then start researching the topic.


Research can vary from blog post to blog post. I often google some relevant key terms, read some reports and see what other websites and personalities within my niche have to say.


The outcome is I have a rough outline of what the blog post flow will look like. I also have some interesting articles to to reference and send people to if they want to learn a little more about the topic they can.



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How to Write a Blog that Reaches 1 Million Page Views Tip 4: Write Everyday!


This is the most difficult tip of all, write every day. If you want to become a truly great blogger you need to create content every day.


This is the game changer, that will help you breakthrough to the other side.


You need to set a specific time (the same time works best) to write. Turn off all social media, notifications and even the internet if you can.


Even if it’s just 25 minutes, you will be surprised how this will help you become successful.


With online business it is all about consistency, consistency of message and consistency of content delivery. That’s what builds a following for a great online business.


In conclusion, if you set a deadline, have topics pre-selected, conduct research and set time to write every day you will have the process to build a blog that can achieve millions of page views.

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  1. Vrushali on September 12, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Thanks for the post. Awesome guide for beginners. All the points you mentioned are correct. I knew some points before but also got new ones. Write post which provides informative, quality, motivating information which makes your blog an ultimate.

    Moreover, the headlines matter, it’s true. That’s why, try to always check my headlines. But I think On page SEO is one of the important points to remember while writing the high-quality blog post. Also, don’t forget to make your keyword research, and you need to have your own blogging/writing style.

    I believe that the quality of the content you write is more important than the number of posts or the number of words. Quality, Grammar, Easy Reading and Long text are the four pillar of a high-quality post.

    Anyways, it’s a great article and great tips for newbie bloggers. Doing all this stuff will definitely deliver the value customers are looking for.

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