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10 Periscope tips proven to get you more love

With the every evolving world of social media growing so quickly, grabbing people’s attention has become as difficult as ever.


One platform that does, however, seem to be working wonders when it comes to engaging with your audience is Periscope.


Of course, given the nature of the platform, it is easy to see why.In spite of its relative tender age compared to the likes of Facebook, Periscope is still a crowed place and grabbing the attention of its users is still a problem for many.


With that said we have some Periscope tips and tricks that will help get the exposure, you are looking for.


For those of you who have looked at periscope and thought “Nah it’s not for me!”, you really are missing out.


If you are not already using the live broadcasting app to get your message in front of perspective clients and customers, then you need to reevaluate.


Before I get into my top 10 Periscope tips, here are some stats that may change your mind about getting in front of the camera.


Periscope Stats


  • There are over 10 million registered users


  • 2 Million of those are active daily


  • There are over 350,000 hours of video streamed per day


  • Over 15% of the top brands on Twitter are now regularly posting on Periscope


As you can see by the stats above, Periscope looks like it is here to stay. For solopreneurs and small business, the ability to interact with your followers anywhere, anytime, direct from you phone is a massive advantage and it is one that they are most certainly making the most of.


However if you haven’t managed to pop your scoping cherry yet or are looking for ways to increase your exposure on the app, here are 10 periscope tips for making the most of every broadcast.


10 Periscope Tips for more exposure


1- Sort out your bio

When you initially set up Periscope it automatically puts your Twitter bio in and uses it for your Periscope bio. While this may be acceptable, you will need to make sure it contains the following.

  1. A link back to your website or an opt-in page
  2. Make it engaging, tell your audience what they can expect from you
  3. Be sure that you icon/picture is clear and of good quality


This may seem like a fairly obvious Periscope tip to give people, but you would be surprised at how many bios I’ve seen that do not follow these guidelines.


2- Think about what your going to say


This a little bug bearer of mine, I hate when I go onto a scope and it seems as if the presenter has just jumped on without thinking about the content. This leads to an uninterested audience, poor return rate and also makes it look like every second word out of your mouth is “Umm” or “Ah”.


Plan out your scopes, if you are covering a topic in a scope, bullet point it. Keep that in your eye line so that you can refer to it as you go along.


This way you can not only provide the best value to your audience, but it makes sure you cover all the points you want to get across. Honestly I think if I had to rate these Periscope tips, this would be number one!



3- Make your title engaging or interesting


Much like the tip above, take the time to think about your headline. Please do not just put “Q&A with Phil” for example. Great it’s a Q&A, but a Q&A about what?


You have to assume that people seeing your scopes on the app it’s self have not read your bio or seen you before. After all, yes our followers will know what we do, but we are also trying to grow our an base, so assume no one knows anything about you!


Here are four Periscope tips when it comes to crafting a headline:


  1. Compose you headline in a tweet before hand, this way you can play around with the character limitations and try get the most out of very character.
  2. Run your headline through CoSchedules Headline Analyser. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to use a hashtag or two, these will also show up on a Twitter search.
  4. You can use emoji’s in your title, so use them, they most certainly grab the attention, just don’t over do it!


4 – Spread the word everywhere


Periscope will automatically send out a tweet on your twitter account once your scope goes live, which is great. However, then you have to wait for people to turn up. So why not send out a tweet five minutes before going live, telling people you will be on in five minutes. Then get your self over to IFTTT and hook it up to also spread the word on your Facebook page that you will be “live in five” and then again once you do go live.


To see how you can do this check out my recent article: 3 Great ways To Use IFTTT to Automate Twitter


5 – Make sure you Katch them


If you haven’t already signed up to KATCH then you really should. Simply put, Katch will record and store all of you periscopes for ever!


While Periscope does show your broadcasts for 24 hours, you may want to keep them longer than that. Rather than saving them all to your camera roll, which will take up valuable space on your device, you can save them automatically with Katch.


Update: Katch is unfortunately no longer around, check out this article for more.


6- Repurpose your Scopes


Having set up Katch to record your scopes for you, you can now go ahead and upload them to your YouTube Channel. This is a great way of ensuring that everyone will get to see your scopes and a fantastic way of keeping your YouTube Channel constantly updated with new videos.


This is however one small problem, the downloads from Katch are not compatible with YouTube, so you will need to convert them to MP4 before you can upload them.


7 – Remember those coming later


When you are live it is great, there are people on and they are interacting with you, asking questions, commenting and it’s brilliant. One thing to keep in mind is those people who are watching later. That could be on Periscope itself or on Youtube if you follow the advice above.


So when you get on the call thank those who are on live for joining you and also thank those watching the replay and give them a way to interact with you even if they are watching the recording. Tell them where they can contact you with comments or questions you have discussed on the scope. You would be surprised how many people fail to do this and potentially lose out on valuable interactions with potential customers or clients.


8 – Ask for Love!


Periscope operates on the power of love! Ok, not entirely true they are hearts actually. When people tap on the screen while watching a recording live or the replay on the app, it sends hearts you way. These hearts are used as a ranking system and the more hearts you have, the higher your rank. So don’t be afraid to ask for hearts.


For an added bonus ask people to tap on the screen at the points they like within the scope. That way you can receive instant feedback and see what is working and what it not. Remember you can always watch the replay back to see where the most hearts came from, thus allowing you to tailor future content.Periscope tip number 8(a) – Do Not beg for hearts!


9 – Remember it’s interactive


Don’t forget, there are real people on the other end of the line, so interact with them. Ask some questions, find out where they are from, do some research, even just ask them when do they think the best time for you to do your next scope is? Probably the best Periscope tip I could give people about a live broadcast is this:


While you are teaching and preaching, they want to be entertained!

10- Call to action


Like every other piece of content you create, there should always be a call to action. When you have reached the end of your scope give your audience somewhere to go!

This is where tip number 1 comes in. Have the link to the call to action in your bio. That way all you have to tell people is: “If you want to know more about this, click the link in my bio and it will take you to (where ever you decide)”


There you have it, my top 10 Periscope tips for getting the most out of every scope. Try them and see how you get on, you won’t be disappointed.

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