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3 Great ways To Use IFTTT to Automate Twitter

The whole idea of using Twitter for your business is to help get your brand and your content in front of potential new customers or clients. However, as many of you will attest to, there quite often aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we should be doing on Twitter.


Thankfully there are ways that we can put some of our Twitter “must do tasks” on autopilot. I have already shown you how to automate your tweets easily and how to use Twitter’s Advanced Search to get the most out of your time and today I want to show you how you can further automate your efforts.


If This Then That is a great tool that lets you set up what they call “Recipes”. What this means is that much like Newton’s Third Law that states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” I have set up a way to ensure that;


For every Tweet, there is a programmed reaction

Now when I say “every tweet” I don’t actually mean every single one, but for a select few I have set it up so that If “X” occurs on my Twitter account then IFTTT will do “Y”. So here are three of my favourites that I use and why you should be using them too!


Follow Colleagues Using Lists


You will notice that I have said “Colleagues” instead of the competition as many people put it. That is because that is how I see them and how you should too. A great way to keep up today with what you colleagues are up to is by adding them to a list.


So create a list full of people in your niche that you admire and respect, this will make it easier for you to see their content and for you to share their content with your audience.


Of course I am all about automation, so how can we automate this? Well it is really simple.


So what I have done is, I have gone over to If This Then That or as it is know and I have made a “recipe”. What I have told IFTTT to do is, when I like a tweet they are to add that user to a list I have created entitled “Content Killers”.


Therefore once I like a tweet it will automatically add that person to the list I have created! As always I want to make it as easy for you to implement the tactics that we speak about here in on Content.Academy, so you will find that recipe below that you can add to your Twitter account.


IFTTT Recipe: Like to Twitter List  connects twitter to twitter


Just a little side note, you will have to create an account with IFTTT if you don’t have one, then you just connect your twitter account, click add and boom you are done. Now any tweet that you like will be added to your lists.


Add your Top Fans to a list


By adding your top fans to a list, it not only lets them know that you appreciate them, but it also allows you to keep an eye on them and interact with them. So if you have a list full of “Top Fans” you can go directly to them for market research, promotional purposes, testimonials ect. Basically if you know who your “Top Fans” are you can then leverage them in any number of ways.


Of course finding out just who they are can be a bit of a pain, but do you think it would be fair to say that anyone who promotes your content by mentioning you in a tweet is a fan?


Well that is how I look at it, whether they were just a fan a piece of content I shared on Twitter or have a query or question it doesn’t matter, they are a fan. So what I do is I add them to a list called “Top Fans”. Now bare in mind that if you do this, they will see what you call the list, so naming it can be a little tricky, but I would just call it “people who retweet my stuff”.


Once again to make this easy for you to do I have created a recipe. This time my recipe tells Twitter that, if someone mentions me in a tweet, add them to the list called “Top Fans” and boom it will run in the background without me having to think about it. So when I want to hop into the list and maybe pick out some to send tweets to and interact with I can do it knowing they like the content I am producing.


And here is the recipe for you to add to your Twitter account.
IFTTT Recipe: If mentioned in tweet add to top fans list  connects twitter to twitter


Automatically notify you Facebook fan page when you are live


This is a nifty little trick and it is very effective at getting more eyes on you live broadcasts on Persicope. Simpy put that once we are live on Periscope, If This Then That will automatically post a status update on our Facebook Fan Page letting everyone on Facebook know we are live.


This will not only give them a link to watch our Periscope, but it will also populate a pre written message that I have programmed in my recipe. It is so simple and because once we are live on Periscope and the notifications are turned on, a tweet containing “#Periscope” will automatically be sent out on our twitter account, thus triggering IFTTT, to post to our Facebook Page.


And of course here is the recipe for you to add to your twitter account to ensure you Facebook fans are kept in the loop just as much as your Twitter followers.


IFTTT Recipe: If #Periscope appears in a tweet that I send, then post the link to periscope on my fan page connects twitter to facebook-pages 


So there you have it three ways that I love to use If This Then That to make my Social Media life a whole lot easier! Do you use any IFTTT recipes that are making your life a whole lot easier?


If so leave a comment below and let us know what they are!

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