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3 Killer Tips to Promote Your Blog on YouTube

promote your blog on youtubeDo you have a strategy to promote your blog on YouTube?

As the worlds second largest search engine it, you can drive a lot of targeted traffic with the three steps outlined below.

No matter how much time you spend crafting the content for your blog post, you should spend even more time promoting it.


The 80:20 Rule of Content Promotion vs Content Creation

Derek Halpern applies an 80:20 rule meaning that once you publish a piece of content, you should be exerting four times the effort to promote it (1).

[spp-tweet tweet=”If your Content helps 1000 people, Spend time Promoting it to help 100,000 people”]

The logic makes sense, if 1000 people get value from your content then you should spend your time promoting it and getting it in front of  an additional 10,000 people rather than starting to create another blog post immediately.


Why YouTube Should Be Used to Promote Your Blog

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the planet, this can be a great platform to utilise for blog promotion.

As a platform YouTube gets over 3 billion hits a month and is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined! (2)

With the promotion of content being a necessity, it makes sense to use YouTube. It can get you hit after hit after hit!


How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Blog Post


Tip 1: Keep Your Video Under 120 Seconds

YouTube is a video platform, it is recommended to keep your videos short. Less than 90 seconds to 2 minutes is optimal for getting viewers to complete a call to action.


Tip 2: Don’t Discuss your Entire Blog Post!!

Let’s say you have written a post along the line of “5 Tips to…” or a list post. A recent post that I published was along these lines, check it out here “How to Structure an Article: 5 Killer Tips”

When recording the video, title it “3 Tips to..” and discuss them in your video.

At the end of your video, tell viewers that if they like the content they can get more info on your blog post and also get more tips too!


Tip 3: Put a Link to Your Post Below Your Video

Once you have provided the call to action within your video, make sure to have a link to the blog with the additional tips below it.

You will also find that your SEO will improve as YouTube is less competitive for key terms than Google and Google also ranks video very highly too.



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