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30 Minute Blogger [Module 5: Smart Social Promotion] How to Promote Your Content Effectively

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How to Promote Your Content Effectively

Smart Social Promotion is a Game Changer


“If you write a post that 1,000 people read, chances are there are another 1,000,000 people in the world that could use that same article”

Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

This is perhaps the easiest part of the course, all you need to do is add the researched keywords into the right places within your blog post.

I know, it sounds simple. And it is accepted that most people don’t bother doing it!


In this section:


  • Tools to help you catch all those pesky mistakes


  • Tips on “Editing” your work


  • How to format your content




Part 1: Figure Out the Best Time to Post


This is actually more logical than you might think. When is your audience holding their phone in their hand and scrolling through social media?

Even if you are starting out without a following, you can build a social media profile of your prospective audience.

The Commute

Commuting to and from work is generally a good time and along with the 3 pm coffee break and late in the evening when the kids are in bed. This would be based on someone working full time with kids.

Your audience might be totally different, perhaps they are in college and much more active late into the evening on social media.

Unique Live Events that Resonate with your Audience

Something else to consider is a unique event for your audience. When we were running the fantasy football blog the game had an 11:30 am deadline on Saturday morning. Needless to say, we flooded Twitter and Facebook with great content and made sure to interact in the hours before the deadline because that was when the bulk of our followers were online.

Your niche may not have any weekly deadlines, but social media promotion is about common sense. Is there an event happening that your audience might be talking about? Is there a common routine that will impact your audience?

  1. Outline the week of an average audience member and pick times that they are likely to be online on social media


Figure out the Best Time to Post (How to do it on Instagram)

Squarelovin is a social media tool for Instagram that has free and paid elements. We can register to create an account that will allow us to get the insight that we need to establish the best times for us to post on Instagram.


1. Setup a Free Account on SquareLovin


Register a Free Account of SquareLovin


2. Add your Instagram Account and add the time zone that best suits your audience


Add your Instagram Account and add the time zone that best suits your audience.


3. Click on your Account and click Optimisation


Click on your account and click Optimization


4. Note the Best Days of the Week to Post and the Best Times


Note the Best Days of the Week to Post and the Best Times

The larger green circles indicate the best times to post to get interactions. Our audience is a mixture of Ireland & UK and the USA so this skews our best times to post a little. As Carlos Gil in Episode 60 says “Social Media Never Sleeps”. This is especially true if your blog is multi time zone.


  1. List Your Best times to Post


Our Best Days to Publish on Instagram:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday


Our Best Times to Publish Daily on Instagram

  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 12pm
  • 3pm
  • 6pm
  • 10pm


Our Best Times of the week to Publish for Interactions on Instagram

  • Monday 10pm
  • Tuesday 1am,
  • Wednesday 5am, 9am and 12pm
  • Friday 11pm
  • Saturday 12pm
  • Sunday 6pm and 11pm

Part 2: Automate your Social Media Scheduling (Worth the Small Cost)

Automation of social media can be awful for your brand and your audience if it is done poorly. In saying that, when done well it can really grow your following.

Buffer is an option that costs $10 per month and allows you to automate posts to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Reminders, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Sign Up to Buffer

Add the best times to post for your Social Media following and upload your content.

Select the Best Times to Post for your Social Media Sharing

Another option is to look at using MeetEdgar which is $49 per month. The amazing part of this tool is that you can create Social Media categories and have content scheduled for specific times. Once a piece of content has been added, the tool then stores it and recycles your content on a random loop meaning that your always providing content.

This works well because Social Media updates dissipate after half an hour for the most part.

Meet Edgar is a great platform for automating and recycling your social media posts

There is a small cost to automating your social media, this is worth it because of the time it saves you building your brand. But you must have a monetization goal in play.


Part 3: Create Multiple Social Updates for a Single Piece of Content

Rather than just use one image and the headline for your social media updates, create 3-5 images and pull out different elements of value for your audience.

This means that members of your audience might see promotion for the same content on different platforms or even the same one and take value from both social media updates.

Checkout the promotion of our podcast with the Instagram Expert Sue B.Zimmerman  All of out Twitter and Facebook updates have different images and text that adds alternative value from the same piece of content. This helps get more followers consume your content.

How you could schedule your social media updates

SueBZimmerman Social Promotion



What Do I Do Now?

We’ve a couple of tasks for you today.

  • Figure out the best time to post for one of your social media platforms
  • Create three images of promotion for one piece of content and schedule it to be published this week (automated or manually)

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