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The 30 Minute Blogger

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Module 1: Style!

Module 2: Wanted Content

Module 3: How to Edit


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Module 4: S.E.O.

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The 30 Minute Blogger- Module 3 How to Edit

How to Edit Blog Posts Like a boss

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Bloggers don't allocate enough time to editing.

  • Bloggers will *spend hours writing* their content and the expect to be able to *edit and proofread it in minutes*.


  • Most Bloggers *don't have a system* in place when it comes to editing and are reliant on their own knowledge of the English language to get them through.

Follow a simple editing system

  • Stop treating the editing process as an afterthought


  • Schedule **adequate time** to edit and proofread


  • **Download** our five point editing checklist so you'll alway have a system to hand

You will learn [3 topics]

  • Topic 1: *Tool's* to help you catch mistakes


  • Topic 2: Tips on *editing* your work


  • Topic 3: *Final checks* to make before publishing

Great Blogs are made in the Editing Suite

“I'm writing a first draft and reminding myself that I'm simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.”

 - Shannon Hale


Shannon Hale Quote
Module 3, Topic 1--Tool's- to help you catch mistakes

[Use Tools] To Edit Like a Boss

When it comes to the first edit of your blog posts we need to check the spelling.


Now we can rely on the spell check in WordPress or on our machines, but I can tell you from experience none of these has a patch on Grammarly.


Not only will it spot spelling mistakes, it will correct major grammatical errors (hence the name) For those of you using Google Chrome, there is a chrome extension that I highly recommend you install, it's also free.

3.2 Topic 2- Tips on Editing your work

Read, Read and Read


Second up, once that's done, read it again, out loud. This is why we recommend you edit somewhere you are comfortable being able to speak out loud.


Reading it out loud will allow you to spot the areas where it doesn't quite flow. If you find yourself stumbling or having to read it twice, then an edit is required.


Remember, you wrote it, so of you can't read it without second guessing it then what chance does your audience have.


Next up we read it again, only this time we are looking for paragraphs and breaks.


When reading it, we want to make sure that we have broken the piece down into edible paragraphs, your readers don't want large chunks of text.


Then we also want to look at natural breaks. These are where you have moved from one point to another. Where there seems to be a natural break in the piece this is where we want our subheadings to go.


Is It Pretty?


Next, we want to make sure that it looks pleasing to the eye. Is there the same amount of line breaks between paragraphs?


We like double spacing between paragraphs and also before and after headings and subheads. It's not mandatory to double space, but regardless of whether you go for single or double, chose one and stick with it.


Start, middle, end.


This is what we are looking for.


As much as we would like to think that everyone reads every word we write, they don't.


People will skim our content, so we want to make sure that at a glance or a couple of scrolls of the mouse we can see where the start, middle and end of the content are.


It sounds obvious, the start is obviously the start and the end is obviously the end, so the bit in between has to be the middle, but that not what people are looking for.


They want to see the bit that tells them what they are going to learn.


The main piece of the learning, as in where that starts


And where the conclusion begins, that way the can read the bit at the start, the conclusion at the end and decided if the most time-consuming piece (the middle) is worth reading.


Does It Work?


The final piece of advice I would give you is to make sure everything works.


If you have placed links in your content, make sure the link works and goes to the correct link. The amount of times I have seen broken links or links going to the wrong place is not funny.

3.3 Topic 3- Final checks to make before publishing

Download the Editing Check List



To help you stay on track with your editing in the future, download our checklist!

[Your Action] What to do!

Your Task for Today is....


Step 1: Install Grammarly, how many errors did it show?


Step 2: Create *10 Blogging Ideas* and add to your digital notebook


Step 3: For one blog post Idea find *High-Value SEO Terms* to use

  • Install Grammarly
  • Tell us how many errors it threw up
  • Create a new blog image using Snappa
  • Show us a before and after of the blog post

//Tip//: Book 30 Minutes in your calendar to complete this task within the next 2 days if you can't do this right now!!

Time to Take Action

In Conclusion

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[Done the Work??] Prove it!!

  • Tweet us and tell us which you setup your digital notebook

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  • Email a surprising keyword you found to Us!

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Modules 1-3

Module 1: Style!

Module 2: Wanted Content

Module 3: How to Edit


Modules 4-6

Module 4: S.E.O.

Module 5: Smart Social Promotion

Module 6: Building Your Email List



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